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Vodafone Enters iPhone Market

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Posted by goldenface
Vodafone Enters iPhone Market

Vodafone has reached an agreement to sell Apple's popular iPhone in the UK.

The announcement follows news that network operator Orange had secured a similar agreement with Apple.
The deals mark an end to the exclusive UK arrangement between O2 and the US technology firm, which has been in place since 2007.

Vodafone says users can register an interest online, with the handsets becoming available to customers from early 2010.
Orange said its customers would be able to buy the phone "later this year" but did not specify a date or pricing.
However, analysts said that in markets where there was already competition there was little difference in handset prices but small variations in tariffs.

"There's not a lot they can do - they are subsidising the hardware, so they can't afford to do much on the tariff," said Carolina Milanesi of Gartner.
"You may see a 30 per month tariff versus 35, but I would not expect anything more.


Posted by Bonovox
Wow even better news being on the big 3 networks. Its going to get interesting to see how it all pans out

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
Vodafone already have experience with the iPhone in other markets. For example they are the exclusive iPhone seller in New Zealand (and Australia?). So I'd expect them to come out flying with this one.

Posted by Alpha Trion
Seems like this is going to get interesting.......

Posted by Tsepz_GP
What Oli said. Vodafone South Africa (VodaCom) are also exclusively doing the iPhone here in SA, im suprised it took so long in the UK.

Posted by goldenface
O2 are already doing it exclusively in the UK. After Vodafone joining no-one will have it exclusive any more so the market is being opened up. Orange UK will be selling it too so that's three major operators selling it.
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Posted by anonymuser
Even better - unlike Orange, this is a network I'd certainly consider (re)joining when my O2 contract is up for renewal. Should make the pricing between the three a bit more fierce too.

Posted by Tsepz_GP
Oh my bad,what i meant was im suprised it took VodafoneUK long, but i guess it was due to the O2 deal with Apple.

Posted by Bonovox
Well Vodafone still imho does have better & wider coverage than all UK networks. So its great news for 3G users too. I think they may just make a better job of it than Orange but lets wait to see. Let the i phone war begin

Posted by masseur
vodafone would probably be my choice too.
its where I came from but they had no interest in doing good data deals when tmob had their web'n'walk so I ported to them, and then O2 for the iphone 3G.

If their iphone data rates are good I'd be happy to port back to them

Posted by Bonovox
I think Vodafone & perhaps Orange will or rather should look closely @ the O2 iphone tariffs & data tariffs & come up with something that can beat it. That way they will roll in the customers. The data tariffs is the big thing. Could this also give Apple a bigger market share?
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Posted by goldenface
Do Orange have good data rates? I was with them once and they were extortionate - something like 1 per MB but that was way back when I had my T610 which only had a 2MB memory anyway.

There should be no excuse for limited data usage now, there are so many phones that are data hungry it's just silly to have a cap anyway.

Posted by Bonovox
Yes Orange now do 500mb data included with certain tariffs over 40 or so not sure. Its a touch expensive on pay as you go though with 5 per week bundle for unlimited data or 1 per day. Then the 500mb on pay monthly which is similar to O2 7.50 monthly one but it is included as I say in some tariffs.
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Posted by anonymuser
In a straight choice between O2, Vodafone, and Orange, I'd take Vodafone every time. O2 are a reasonable alternative, so I didn't mind porting over to them for the iPhone after years of loyal Voda usage, but I'd be happy to go back if I can. My contract's up in April, so it all really depends on what happens with the inevitable next iPhone released next June/July. If both networks have it and are evenly matched on price, I'd port back to Voda for it, otherwise I'd stick with O2.

If Orange somehow came to be dominant, with the best pricing and/or exclusivity on the next model, that would be my nightmare scenario.. they just aren't an option where I live.
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Posted by Bonovox
Thats a shame as apart from not the best customer service Orange have always been a great reliable network for me. Its the best signal where I live & being on contract with them its great. I rarely get network problems at all. Guess with Orange getting it earlier Vodafone can watch the competition & get it right when they release it. Only thing I hate about Vodafone is there horrible call sound its very gargly sounding & they have zero 3G where I live. Whats Vodafone's current data tariffs?
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Posted by Bonovox
An anouncement is now featured on Orange customer service number when you call regarding the iphone. Before you get put through they mention the iphone then say they cannot answer questions about it just yet.

Posted by Miss UK
This is intresting

I hope iPhone tariffs willbe alot better and cheaper then what
02 are exspecting poor souls to pay atm

lol and I wonder how Vodafone are gunna place there branding on a iPhone be intresting to see this

Posted by Bonovox
I dont think they will be allowed to brand it. Apple are pretty strict as far as I can see how they sell their products. Also as nice as it is I dont think the iphone should be on such high tariffs on long contracts. Its not THAT special in terms of what it actually is or has compared to other phones. Dont know why its so expensive in the first place.

Posted by carkitter
Just to clarify the NZ situation, Vodafone are the only official network supplier of the iPhone in NZ but they DO NOT have an exclusive agreement. Talks with major rival Telecom NZ have broken down and 2 Degrees Mobile have yet to release 3G services so no point in an iPhone supply agreement there - yet. Apple NZ also sell the iPhone on their online store.

VodafoneNZ have steadfastly refused umlimited data deals but have plans as low as NZ$40 (about GBP18.00).
iPhones from VodafoneNZ are unlocked and available on PAYG.

Posted by whentheleveebreaks
I might switch to Vodafone if there is a better deal to be had.

Definitely would never go back to Oranage, no matter how cheap (no reception at all where i work in central london or live)

Posted by masseur
I'm certain I want to move from O2... the iPhone was my only reason to use them

Vodafone would be my preference but yes, it depends on their package offerings and it must include unlimited data.

Failing that, I have been tempted a couple of times already while with O2 to sell my iPhone and just go and get an unlocked one in future... that... or unlock my existing iPhone and control my urge to update firmware until the next unlock solution comes along

Posted by Bonovox
At least now whatever iphone you use it now should be easier to use on any network. Though Apple do make it hard dont they?

Posted by masseur
Apple only make it hard by locking them
once unlocked, its never been an issue to configure to a different network

Posted by Miss UK
Is the Unlocking still illegal with the iPhone?

Funny thing is Vodafone offer handsets unlocked so will the iPhone be unlocked too?
im hoping they will doa 25 package so I can get one, i'll stop 24mths again if they do lmao

Posted by Superluminova
Can't wait for this, been holding off getting my staff upgrade since February, finally won't need to jailbreak to get a working iPhone. Happy days

Posted by Miss UK
Didn't you already have a iPhone?
if I mema correctley your colleagues used to laugh at you with it

btw this is a loooong wait but I can't upgrade till Jan 2011 as long as its here by then aye

Posted by Miss UK
I registered for the iPhone launch on Voda I got a Email back saying thanks for
registering then I got a call of them but I didn't hear them ring so was none to wiser at first!

I rang Vodafone today about something on my account and asked about the iPhone,
the woman just said there exspecting it sometime next year, they were just taking intrests frompeople atmon it, they didn't have any further info to give me sadley

Posted by masseur
Vodafone iPhone to be available from January 14th

Posted by anonymuser
Vodafone seem competitive - nothing mind blowing, but reasonable. 149 for a 16GB 3GS on a 35pm, 18mth contract isn't bad (that's with 300 minutes, unlimited texts, and 1GB of data). Add in the strength of the network itself, and for me that's a deal, or might be. I'll probably wait and see what happens in June/July either way.
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Posted by Bonovox
Yes Vodafone is reliable network

Posted by glorfingal
why worry about vodafone, orange or o2 ..... get it from Tesco and get club card points too

Posted by Bonovox
O h yeah I forgot Tesco & good low tariffs too but whats the cheapest tariff its free on Tesco?

Posted by anonymuser
Tesco's not great - they have a choice of two tarrifs, one cheap but with a massive up-front cost for the phone, and one the exact opposite (cheap phone, massively expensive contract). They really could have done with one in the middle somewhere.

Also Tesco piggyback on O2, so data isn't going to be great (yet more iphones on an already over-iphoned network).

Posted by Bonovox
No O2/Tesco=slow although O2 in my area have solid coverage including HSDPA whereas Vodafone have no 3G at all by me I see its released on January 14th which is 2 days before my birthday. Wonder what pay & go price will be?
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Posted by masseur
so, does the vodafone iphone come unlocked?
if not, what is their unlocking policy for the iphone on contract and on iphone?

Posted by Miss UK
it's so expensive on Vodafone they want 40 a month for the thing
perhaps when the novellty wears of it will become cheaper

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