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Mobile broadband speed 'too slow'

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Posted by masseur
I'm not sure we needed a survey to already know this but...

BBC article

A survey by comparison site Broadband Expert suggests that UK mobile broadband providers are delivering services "far lower than advertised".

Almost three and a half thousand broadband connections were tested over a five month period.

The firm found that users recorded an average download speed of 1.1Mbs, substantially lower than advertised.

Posted by goldenface
That sounds about right. I find I get the best speeds on bright sunny days but the coverage seems to be VERY patchy indeed. Makes you wonder why people are taking it up so much.

Posted by Bonovox
Well as you probably read before I had a T Mobile contract with free laptop. Now not only was the internet really slow in good coverage the laptop they provided on an expensive 24 month jail sentence sorry contract was rubbish. Paying out 40 per month for a poor service with a laptop just as slow as the network was not good enough. Think the networks have got ahead of themselves and all this is false advertising. I have never seen 7.2mbs on phone or laptop. I am currently now using a 3UK pay and go one and its getting better recently which is surprising. They should just call it Mobile Internet on your laptop on the move but that does not sound like attractive advertising does it. Anyway one thing I wish to know maybe its a stupid question. But why is it my HSDPA on Orange is lightning fast on my phone but when you use a modem its worse? Answer that one.

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