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O2 contract problems

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Has anyone else had the serious problems I am having with O2/CPW? I take out a contract for 1200 minutes and unlimited free texts.Now they tell me that they do not need to provide any free minutes or texts at all.If i exceed the £20 call limit in the first few minutes of my month, i.e. a 118118 call or an 0845/0870, then they bar all the free minutes and unlimited texts so you do not get the contracted mins/texts at all. They cannot understand that they are then in breach of contract, trying to make out that the shortcomings in their computer system should be blamed on the customer. Their system cannot (allegedly) be sorted so that free unlimited texts are free and unlimited! Even the free 500 off peak minute bolt on we were promised every month to make up for all the lost texts etc, never appeared at all.O2/CPW surely the worst service ever. I know some posters sing their praises but I cannot. They tell me that texts are not free then admit they are in their next letter!Not unlimited! Then they say they are, then limited to 2500 (breach of contract?) then unlimited again. Not paying anymore to them for illegal breaches of contract.SEE THEM IN COURT

Posted by Bonovox
Normally CPW O2 and Vodafone do a thing called a customer limit on some contracts. If your bill goes over a certain amount its gets cut off. Its something to do with a limit they put on customers on their credit check i think. If you have not used the free stuff but gone over a certain amount on your actual bill on other costs it might then be cut off. I dont know i might be wrong.

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