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K810i Water Damaged / Orange light

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Posted by pampi
Hi all good SE users!
I bought a cheap K810i that was water damaged, so I bought this phone actually for DIY (Do It Yourself) aka "Learning by doing", but this solution were a bit hard, so I'm stuck.
I've used torx screwdriver to completely open the phone.
I've used hair dryer and WD-40 spray wich is good for electronic components like connectors etc.. to clear the damp and other burks...

After done all this things (used 3 hours totally), I reassembled the phone and inserted the battery.
The led light is giving me now a clear orange light.
I try to charge the phone, but no luck.
Try to use XS++ and Setool 2, but the phone won't connect or charge.
I couldn't luck to fix the water damage solutions and wonder what the orange light is?
Is it an idication for the IC is blown?
Any ideas what I can do to try to fix this by myself expect sending it to service centre?


Posted by pavithra_uk
Did you installed usbflash drivers?

did you see "found new hardware" when you first connect your phone with cable? (by pressing "c" button)

if not,
try to re clean cable connector. connector can easily removable.

clean entire phone board. try this:
wash phone board (not camera,LCD) with water and shampoo. then wash with water. then use hair drier.

make sure if your battery fully charged. or use another battery.
do not connect memory card or SIM when flash.

try and post.

Posted by pavithra_uk
do you mean Camera AF assist LED as Orange light? or small red led in IR window?

Posted by pampi
I mean the camera led..

Posted by tranced
Why did you think you could fix a water damaged phone? Did it turn on before doing all this?

Posted by pampi
Nope, didn't turn on, but when connecting to charger, the orange light come up only

Posted by tranced
Hhhhmmm, it seems the water damaged it very deep. Don't know what to say.

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