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W995 - Top applications to have? also, Bartender?

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Posted by cduuffo13
Hey guys, Im looking for a few new apps for my new W995, Had it for 1 week, and its pretty dull, No major apps, or games. (not really sure where to browse apps and game for my phone niether) as i use to have a nokia, Symbian phone. If anybody would like to tell me

Anyway, Ive been looking at a few apps on friends Iphone, "i know , i know, its not an iphone" but he has a very cool app called bartender and basically, its a recipe, for more or less, every drink on the market, alcoholic, or non alcoholic, and its pretty interesting. Ive been tryna get my hands on it but dont have any luck.

Another cool app i would like is a "fact app". "again on my friends Iphone" he has a app that has hundreds or thousands of facts about general life. Just somthing to keep me occupied when am bord, on the train ect.

Can anybody direct me in finding these type of apps please? also if anybody knows any other apps that might be useful to me. can you please share the knowledge

Thanks All


Posted by chunkybeats
No the Se W995 is not a smartphone. It was a feature phone released a good while ago. Have a look on the Web for java apps as that was its programs ran off. If not use the walkmate app on it already. I used to own the W995 years ago, great phone and then i made the mistake of jumping to the iphone 4. Let's just say I'm on Xperia and won't go back!

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