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Anyone on / heard of M&S mobile?

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Posted by HornyNick
I was topping up my phone the other day when i saw a poster in the newsagent advertising all the networks you could top up at the payzone terminal, and one was M&S mobile.
My mum works for M&S and says she never heard of it. A quick google reveals a FAQ page on the M&S website revealing they use T-Mobile network but that is the only reference on the site. The mobiles they sell Seem to be Orange and Voda phones. Another link from Google link to a mobile site with a post dated 2007 asking if they discontinued them quietly but with no replies.
The newsagent I was in only opened this year so his poster must be up to date, I was just wondering if anyone had any info?
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Posted by Bonovox
I remember once seeing an old Motorola phone on sale at M&S store years ago sold on Orange. Though never knew anything about their own services.

Posted by fatreg

Posted by HornyNick
Cheers Reg, although the answer may not be very reliable, ASDA use the Voda network. Unless the switched since the reply was written.

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