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3 uk sold my details to a debt collection agency for missing one payment.

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Posted by goldenface
That's right. One direct debit bounced however the balance has been paid.

Unfortunately, now I've got a private debt collection Agency sending me letters, texting me asking me to pay my bill and ringing me 5 times a day giving me automated messages.

They're called CSL.

Anyone heard of them and have 3 acted unlawfully by passing my data on? 3 are denying it but CSL said 3 gave them the data.

I'm still under contract till November.

Posted by Bonovox
That sucks. Never heard of them but thats bad they never even gave you a chance to sort out one missed payment thats poor. Most companies dont pass onto debt agencies until its gone too far like if you have not paid for months but not one payment. Good luck.

Posted by themarques
You might want to try this get out clause as far as I know this should work.

Basically the law states that you entered a contract with 3UK and so any debt that was outstanding is between you and them. If CSL has purchased the debt from 3UK in other words they have "paid your debt" you no then no longer owe anyone anything. This I believe is a case that is been tested in the courts at the moment regarding credit card debt and I would suggest you seek some legal advise on it.

So in short, thats CSL 's problem not yours as far as the legal stand point is concerned (need to check your contract) you might be able to get out of it.

But in all honestly after one month that is so damn stupid of 3 to do such. I would just write and agree a minimum payment and freeze all interest.

Good luck.

Posted by hihihans
1 payment, thats silly. I think it's unlawfull unless it's a bill from 6 months ago. They should send reminders first. I would send a letter to finnish your contract asap today. Get your Aino with a different provider!

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