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T-Mobile UK to sell imported sim-free iPhones

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Posted by goldenface
T-Mobile UK to sell imported sim-free iPhones

T-Mobile has declined to comment on the news that it will sell sim-free stock of the iPhone

T-Mobile is set to bring sim-free Apple iPhones over from Europe in order to cut churn from its base to O2 for the exclusive device, The Telegraph has reported.

Apple’s contract for exclusivity with O2 in the UK does not stop competitors selling sim-free iPhones through their channels.

Apple is set to break O2 exclusivity for the iPhone 3G in early September. Crucially, the manufacturer will continue to give O2 exclusivity of the iPhone 3GS, the new version of the handset.

Orange and T-Mobile are known to have already begun pitching for the handset. T-Mobile’s call centres have also started telling customers it may stock the iPhone.

T-Mobile’s UK arm is under mounting pressure, as its parent Deutsche Telekom prepares to sell the company, valued at £1.6bn in May.

Posted by Bonovox
Is that sim free but only T Mobile? Good move be good to see it move from O2 one day its getting boring on O2. Though i am still not a huge fan of Apple. Be interesting to see whats going to happen to T Mobile too.

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