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Misfocus camera

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Posted by groovepeppy
I've just notice it, i take some group of shot of my daughter.
When i open them in the pc i found that most of them are always focusing on the background, ie. detailed fence, grass, roof but my daughters face are blurred/not as sharp as the background.
At first i'm guessing this is caused by the modded camdriver but when i change to the original, it's the same.
Fyi, i'm using R8BC004 firmware.

Posted by lel0uch
The home made camera modded driver damaged your camera hardware.
The use of software or peripherals not authorized by sony computer entertainment america may damage your console and/or invalidate your warranty. Only official or licensed peripherals should be used in the controller ports or memory card slots. Playstation warning

Posted by RolloNatha
This offset is a "universal", normalized number. Using this number, you can calculate CoC each point in your image is blurred to due to misfocus (CoC=dx/F). Or you can calculate the offset of the plane of sharp focus (da=dx*(a/f)^2).

dx is a property of AF sensor (its miscalibration). The above mentioned derivatives - Coc and da - vary for different f-stops, focal lengths and subject distances - and thus do not provide a universal "unit" which different people can agree upon. DOF is not a good unit of measurment, either, because it depends on permissible CoC, on which there's no (and can't be) agreement between different people - for some, it's 0.035mm, for others 0.03mm, 0.025mm, 0.019mm, and yours the one and the only Mishkin, it's 0.0074mm (since it's my religion that digital sensor collecting only a fraction of image data it's capable of, is a shame).

Blackberry tracking system

Posted by groovepeppy
thx for the explanation, so there's no good news for me then hi hi

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