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Congrats to O2 and Virgin

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Posted by Mr Miyagi
O2 Ranks Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Pre-Pay Mobile Phones in the UK;
Virgin Mobile Ranks Highest in Satisfying Pay-Monthly Customers.



Great results for 2 Top companies

Posted by Bonovox
Oh thats good news its interesting to see Orange in there they must have come up the ranks a little again. No results on 3UK(lol) T Mobile or Vodafone? I remember the days when Orange used to win every year. Good on Virgin though the quiet dark horse. Tom Alexander used to be with Virgin now with Orange lets hope he does good for Orange as he did with Virgin.

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Posted by Mr Miyagi
not that I have seen lol. One thing I remember when I was Virgin prepay once was when i called them i got told I was goin to be placed in a q by the automated service, but then it asked what kinda music I would want to listen to, while on hold, and I had to press the relevant option for rock and pop and r n b etc etc. I thought that was pretty cool with Virgin. dunno if they still do that lol.

Posted by Bonovox
Yes I remember that I was on Virgin pay as you go some years back. Whenever I had a problem if customer service said they were going to call you back THEY DID. They were very efficient. I remember the choosing of music too very fresh eh My old number with Virgin though ended with 666 lol

Posted by fluke9
O2 is not surprising, its one of the main reasons I stay with them

Posted by Mr Miyagi
O2 treats are good n they good for priority tickets n the O2 academies also foc cust service and its all in the UK. British Jobs for People in Britain . Really don't like outsourcing. However I do have a good laugh with the prepay staff that are all based in Bury with O2.

Posted by golemsmate
o2 are prity good they get the nice act just right. LLoyds banking group is another matter. they asked me if i was "having a wild night out" and how i was feeling.

somebody has just emptied my bank account and he was in the process of cancelling my cards. not gonna feel too churpy!

rant over

love o2

Posted by Lunion
o2 have always given me great customer service on pay as you go and monthly contract.
I get unlimited web access, 1000 texts and 400minutes for £10 a month, there is no way I can grumble at that, either.

I am very happy with them, I see no reason to change

Well done

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