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How do i browse for free?Help Please :):):)

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Posted by Ridwan103
was: Hey,New Here Need Help

Hey guys,

I have been quite a lot of searching and have used to search function on esato but can't seem to get any help, or I am to newbie to understand.
What I want is free internet browser( videos if available), and more importantly ebuddy or windows live messenger free. I don't want to use my minutes. I can set up a connection with my computer or something but I don't know how, preferably something where I can use internet anywhere. I have bluetooth, I don't have wifi. Also I need a way to differ when I have free internet and non-free as my phone comes with internet and pay as you go. Also, If it exists, which I don't think it does, but like some software that adds wifi on your computer. So then I can set up connections.

Phone Details: Samsung Slyde M540
Bluetooth: Yes

Thank You,

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Posted by Ridwan103
Also, I would like to know what the mini opera mod thing is, I know its a browser and stuff, but will it work on my phone, is it free

Sorry for double ppost as I couldnt edit my post

Posted by aquared29
use PC suite with your bluetooth to connect to the internet it must better if you have usb cable

about operamini, i think it capable on ur phone, u can download at operamini website

Posted by Ridwan103
Thank you for your reply, about the Pc suite and usb thing, could you explain it or show me a link to a thread that explain it in more details.

Also for the opera thing, how do I no if it isn't charging me or taking my minutes away, I really want free internet, so, please help, and thanks once again. Like, is there a way for me to check that I am not getting charged or something.

NOTE: I don't think My rant/slyde can sopposts opera mini:



So I ask, any conclusions?
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Posted by tranced
and why dont you have a look at the Free Mobile Browsing how do i trick it thread?

Posted by Ridwan103
I did, but my questions are kind of different, how do I no if i am getting charged, and I tried the setup it didnt work.

Edit: how is this?, is it fre?


very confused >.>
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Posted by pLu
I use opera mini and bolt as well, they're modded for my network so im browsing for free, and i know its free coz i dont have prepaid credits left hehe if you use opera mini unmodded then you will be charged by your network.

Posted by Ridwan103
What do you mean there "modded"?

Posted by aquared29
modded means, they do some changes like server, flash screen, logo, etc. of operamini and other mobile browser or make some trick to make it browsing for free.

Posted by Ridwan103
So opera is basically free and I don't have to worryy?

Posted by aquared29
browsing w/ trick of modded operamini has no worry, but for unmodded opera, u will be charge of airtime by ur net opertr

Posted by Ridwan103
How can I no if its modded.

Posted by aquared29
u can if u can modify the server of ur operamini, coz the default is http://server4.operamini.com:80 u havee to add some trick for that by editing using class editor like notepad++

Posted by Ridwan103
Can you show me how?

Also, will I get charged when I download?
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Posted by aquared29
yap you will be charge for download at first:-D download this, will assist you
do you have any wap on your network to browse for free?

Posted by Ridwan103
Ok, I don't think I have WAP, also do I download that file on my phone?

Thanks for the help, I don't have WAP

Or I just dont no what it is.

Posted by liesperit
Hey guys, i got a question to you all,i have installed bolt,but i cant browse,its an error with network, dont know why..but its work on opera..one more things,how to edit the browser by using notepad++.?ur help is highly appreciated

Posted by aquared29

On 2009-05-12 18:11:04, liesperit wrote:
Hey guys, i got a question to you all,i have installed bolt,but i cant browse,its an error with network, dont know why..but its work on opera..one more things,how to edit the browser by using notepad++.?ur help is highly appreciated

aside from notepad++ u also need winrar to extract jar file but renaming the file ext jar to zip first to see the class file for editing.

Posted by Ridwan103
Ok so, My questions are still unanswered, can you tell me step by step what to do. Like get the file , browser, unmodd, etc, plz, much appreciated.

Posted by Ridwan103
Sorry I do have WAP, by that I mean I have Wireless Browsing.

Also can I please like get a download link for opera mini mod 2.06, I have googled like hell, and when I do find it, I can't download it through my phone. If i get it on my computer and then try to trasnfer through USB, I cant since my phone cant do that.

I think I am finally starting to get this, If i get this modded version of opera mini, I should be able to browse for free. Also, I would still apreciate steps, maybe even tips that make my browser load faster, some setting I need to change. ETC.
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Posted by liesperit
U certainly cant download by phone if u dont have airtime, just googled it via internet through pc, aquared,i do have installed winrar, notepad++,the things is,how to modify the opera,bolt etc..any tutorial,tq..

Posted by aquared29
here is the tutorial for modding, use it with your own risk
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Posted by Ridwan103
Oh and for me, I didn't really want a tut on how to mod, but a tut on how to get the file, how to place it on my phone, and how to make it work so that I can browse the net for free from my phone without paying ( Mod ).


P.S I dont wanna download anything, or anything special, send files, NO, I just wanna browse, and use ebuddy.
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Posted by liesperit
Tq aquared, ridwan,just download it via pc,try www.getjar.com,www.mobiles9.com..

Posted by Ridwan103
Ok thank you, but I can't seem to find the download, but when I do get it on my PC but how do I put it on my phone, I don't have a memory card, but just the memory the phone has, and it is over 3GB.

So ya, how do I get it on my phone, I have a usb charger, but it doesn't connect to my computer as a memory device or whatever.

P.S Still looking for a dl link for opera mini mod 2.06.
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Posted by liesperit
Try download with bluetoth enable device,eg laptop then send it to ur phone by bluetoth,or else use ur friend phone then send it to ur phone..are u malaysian.?

Posted by Ridwan103
How do I send it via bluetooth?

Posted by aquared29
purchase a bluetooth dongle, f u dont have on ur pc

Posted by Ridwan103
Can't I just get a bluetooth software?

Posted by aquared29
if you bought a bt dongle, the software are included in a cd

Posted by chandu17
Hey! After i read all the conversation i think that you have'nt heard about the mobile browser named "ucweb" its free.
Try this.it helps you:-D

Posted by chandu17
Opera,bolt These were not at all free,especially opera it will connects to its server for browsing when There is no money im your account it will not works.
But no browser cant works like opera.
Visit this and select your mobile and download and them browse for free.

Posted by aquared29
ya ucweb is great for downloading files,

Posted by Ridwan103
Thanks for the reply, is UCWEB completely free?, no configuration?, nothing?.
How do I know my phone model, I tried my manuel and phone, found nothing, my thing is KSPHM540 (Samsung Slyde M540)

As for opera, a friend of mine told me there is no use since they have stopped it. "you can juste some times capture the free connection with the right settings.. "

Posted by chandu17
If you dont find your device on the list of mobiles no need to worry just try the generic version.
Please let me know that can you use ebuddy for free.

Posted by chandu17
Yes generally ucweb is free on most of service providers but please do with your own risk.
I think there is no configurations required.the settings which you used to browse earlier is enough:-D

Posted by voodowizzard
Chandu r u browsing 4 free? If u r,which country u live in?

Posted by dantc702
just try to use operamini,ucweb,bolt that is modded with multi server. experiment some tricks on the server using saome proxy on the web depending on your network operator.....

Posted by morz
hey guys any tips for free internet browsing for my p990i? thanks!

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