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T-Mobile UK in Trouble

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Posted by jcwhite_uk
While T-Mobile UK is busy organising singalongs in central London, it seems the company is under serious threat of being forced to merge or - worse still for customers - being sold off.

The operator, described as "under performing", is suffering from such losses that parent company Deutsche Telekom's two main shareholders, the German government and Blackstone, are pressing for a quick decision on a sale.

With no clues as to what might happen to existing customers, T-Mobile's UK division may merge with a rival (with next along the food chain 3 mooted as a good option by commentators) or even sell off its assets if it can't recover from losses, its CFO said at a shareholders meeting.

The Financial Times insider source states that the German government and Blackstone want "a quick decision [from executives] about fixing the UK", so expect more news very soon.

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Posted by Mr Miyagi
Thats not good news at all for T Mobile.

Posted by Bonovox
Oh god i always thought T Mobile were always the dark horse doing well and having many customers. Shame though i still think their coverage is crap.

Posted by goldenface
It might actually turn out for the best.

Especially, if they merge with Three.

Three's data packages are hard to beat - I have just upgraded to a 15GB for £15 mobile broadband package which is unbeatable.

They've always been the outsider in the UK which is strange because their Flex-T packages really took off a couple of years ago and were sort of revolutionary - it must be an image thing.

If they do merge with Three, who with they are already sharing their 3G network with, it can only be a good thing AFAIC. However, their strongpoint is data.
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Posted by Mr Miyagi
Merging with 3 could also mean all the major customer service and the staff in the UK's jobs going to India where 3's major call centre's are. T Mobile has already shifted most jobs to the Philipines. So they might see cust service levels drop and that won't be a good thing for T mobile.

Posted by goldenface
@Mr Miyagi

Who's got the best customer service in your opinion?

Because, that is a deal winner in my eyes and Three's customer services hasn't got the best reputation. Good CS is definitely a factor when considering who my next operator will be.
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Posted by Bonovox
When i was on T Mobile about 3 years ago i found their UK customer service the most helpful and friendly i ever experienced from any network. Hope they dont go down.

Posted by goldenface
The best CS I ever had was T Mobile actually. Their call centre was in Scotland and they were great.

Posted by Bonovox
Yes they used to always call you back when they said they would and they were very friendly and informal and always knew what they were talking about. Anyway what will happen with Virgin Mobile if T Mobile go? Will they piggy back off another network guess they will have too.

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Posted by Bhavv
I am sad .

T mobile customer service was always good to me, but I havnt called them since they moved jobs to the Philipines.

I never understood why they werent getting more customers, as both their plans and data tariffs were brilliant.

I suppose that if I do lose my current contract, I will have to change to 3 Mobile Broadband.

Posted by Bonovox
It could be just that their UK GSM coverage is still poor

Posted by anonymuser
I was with T-Mobile for 18 months, from 2003-4 (in order to get a free P800 at the time) and couldn't wait to get away in the end, as their coverage was absolutely appalling virtually everywhere I went. The P800 was fine - I ended up putting in on Vodafone instead and it served me well for another year after that - but T-Mobile was a complete lost cause anywhere that was even remotely rural in southern england, which happens to be most places I live, work and play.

That was six years ago, maybe T-Mobile improved after that, but the point is, that kind of poor experience was enough to put me off them permanently, and to tell anyone that asked that their service - at least in my area - wasn't even worth considering. A reputation like that, once earned, is pretty difficult to shake off.

They may have brilliant customer service, they may have excellently priced contracts, but none of that is worth a damn if you can't get a signal. I'd far rather pay a few pounds more a month, and actually have some faith that wherever I take my mobile phone, I'll (probably) be able to use it.. which has always been the case for me on Vodafone and O2.
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Posted by jenHenry
Yep Ive always like T Mobile too. Shocking when you hear when big names such as T Mobile in trouble. Out of all the networks it would be 3 Mobile I would have thought be the worst and more likely to fall.

Posted by Bonovox
3UK is less likely to fall than most networks due to their network is future proof as its 3G only network.

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