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xBus's Acoustic Driver X-02 for SE W910i ! *New Release X-02 ! *

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Posted by xbus
"xBus's acoustic driver X-01" is credited to xbus of http://www.esato.com & xbus as xMika @ lowyat.net forum.
"W910i with luhccas w980 accoustics" is credited to luhccas of http://www.esato.com
xBus's acoustic driver X-01 is produced for Sony Ericsson W910i Walkman Phone that is build on DB3150 platform.

This acoustic pack uses the combinations of default drivers of Sony Ericsson W910i & luhccas's W910i & W980 acoustic.

Let me tell you about the functions of this xBus acoustic driver:
1.) To increase the loudness of your ringtone.
2.) To increase the loudness of your front speaker sound during your voice call session.
3.) This acoustic driver doesnt affect your original Walkman acoustic driver. It doesnt change the quality nor loudness of your music player.

1.) 100% no problem with FM radio, mic or headphones.
2.) Only the volume of your ringtone & voice call will be increased.
3.) Music playback is not affected by this acoustic driver package.

To upload this file to your W910i,
1.) Use A2uploader to upload it into your phone by USB cable.

For tutorials please visit http://www.esato.com/board/viewtopic.php?topic=177350

Just need to drag all the files in the ' Acoustic Driver X-01 ' & drop it into your phone.

This package includes the A2uploader as well.

Alright people ! Finally I had created an acoustic driver pack for people that are fine with their original acoustic driver of the music player, but hate that their loudness of the ringtone & voice call is too soft !

I have personally tried it out myself for X-01. No problem so far ! Music quality is the same as the original driver of W910i.

This is the new download link. Its uploaded in a collector's account therefore can be downloaded more than 10 times.
Here you go !* new link updated @ 3-March-2009, 9:45pm.(+8 GMT)


This is the new acoustic driver, X-02. Yes, this file is only 59kb in size because I did not include the A2 uploader & other files in it. Its only pure acoustic driver file



New acoustic driver will be available soon New acoustic driver functions will be included as well ~
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Posted by idumbakumar
man i need to try it. please sent it to me @ idumbakumar@gmail.com please

Posted by tranced
there's the link. download it from there.

Posted by idumbakumar
no its got exceeded its limit. thts my i'm asking. if have send it to my id as i hve restrictions to access it.

Posted by tranced
i downloaded the file. it contains the a2 tool and the acoustic. the a2 is detected as a virus(normal) and one of the files of the acoustic, VHF_ring.wbxml, is corrupted.

Posted by xbus
try to redownload the file. maybe the file got corrupted during your download process.

Posted by dark14
This file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector's Account, and can therefore only be downloaded 10 times.

Reupload on megaupload.com please

Posted by madpierrot
Could we get another link from someone? It looks like this one is dead too! This acoustic is exactly what I want.

or email me: jonathan.pong@gmail.com
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Posted by madpierrot

Posted by madpierrot
anyone download it before the link died that can re-upload or send?

Posted by xbus
New download link updated on rapidshare collector's account & new release on the new acoustic driver X-02 ! Files can be downloaded more than 10 times now !
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Posted by madpierrot
installed X-01 and noticed some minor improvement. i plan to do a comparison with the original drivers as well as X-02. hopefully it'll breath life into the old handset!

Posted by xbus

Thanks for your comments. Do try out my drivers C&C are welcomed ~

Posted by xbus
BUMP ! Madparriot, have you tried that X-02 ? Comments please

Posted by xbus

Posted by madpierrot
X-02 seems louder and i like it better. i haven't done a side by side comparison with the original drivers yet, but i've noticed that it's become easier to hear the handset. the w910 is still a quiet phone, but these drivers help some.

xbus, can you ramp up the volume all the way to see what happens?

Posted by xbus
Ramp the volume all the way up ? Goosh I'm gonna break my speaker hahahha ...

Btw, did your music playback quality affected by the X-02 ? I mean through speakers & headphones.

Posted by madpierrot
music quality sounds unaffected through the backspeaker or headphones. keep up the good work!

Posted by xbus
Thanks for your comments, comparison between X-01 & X-02, you like X-02 more ? Why ?

I'm now creating new driver package for different functions like mega bass all those.

Posted by jbpudz
oh... man.. that was nice....

Posted by balutza
What are the files that changes the in call volume?

Posted by nnr3
Is this compatible for K850?
I'm asking this because the topic says "for W910", and I don't want to mess with my phone putting wrong acoustics.

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Posted by xbus
I made this specific for w910i as i only used w910i drivers. If you want can have a try, but make sure you have your original w850i drivers before you proceed.

Posted by balutza
The acoustics sounds good, but could you please modify farfield_call.wbxml and the other in call files for maximum volume. Because the sound is really really low in this section.

Posted by ckoid
i have download the files n going to try it,thanks

Posted by madpierrot
hey xBus, any new releases coming soon? i'm still hoping to get decent volume from calls!

Posted by rayxtreme
Is it cracks on full bar?

Posted by remote_yai
thankk youu

Posted by xbus

On 2009-04-14 14:48:57, rayxtreme wrote:
Is it cracks on full bar?

It doesnt cracks nor any hissing.

Posted by Navar
Thanx guys. But can i try this acustic on k850? Or it will damege my phone!?

Posted by xbus
You can try it out yourself on your own risk. Make sure you have your original driver before you try to modifying the driver files.

Posted by Navar
@xbus thank you .i will try it even i have my owen acustic bt i want to hear it if it beter than my acustic

Posted by idumbakumar
does this affect the call volume(handset_0_call.wbxml and handset_0_closed_call.wbxml)call volume, i need to increase the call volume in frontspeaker(above screen) in w910i.

please someone PM mail me the driver i don hav access to file sharing websites. please...

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