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What is the Latest Firmware for SE T700?

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Posted by RyOuMi™
Im a user of T700 from the Philippines and my current firmware is R3DA028.

Can anyone please help me on how to upgrade my phones firmware?
What is the latest firmware for T700?
Where can I download the latest firmware?


Posted by Killfr3nzy
I'm not sure what the latest firmware is, but here is the way you can check it :

1. Download SEUS (Sony Ericcson Update Tool)
2. Choose and connect your phone
3. SEUS will tell you if you have the latest firmware, if not follow the steps to install the new one, it'll be done automatically when you click on it.

The update tool can be found on http://www.sonyericsson.com/

Posted by 3Dot
just update my T700 to R3EA037 ... I'm still figure out what the difference ...

Posted by lazeeboy
update... latest firmware is R3EG004.

Posted by guindulman88
i got this Sony Ericsson T700 and it was working well but i got the problem now after updating its software. I wasn't able to use it's internet speed. HSDPA or 3G signal doesn't come out anymore and now i'm having problem using phones internet speed for browsing or even using it as internet modem for my laptop computer. What have i done wrong? Please help...I'm trying to use wotanserver but it says i have not enough credits to use their service
I want my T700 back to it's normal internet speed. I'm keeping this phone because it's very light and sexy
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