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C905 3g signal help

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Posted by Homeless
I have very low hsdpa connection so it keeps jumping too 2g if i put my sim in a 3g only phone like k800 it has a good 3g signal is their anyway off stoping it trying for the h signal cause it seems too skip 3g and go back too 2g

Posted by StevenC
Weak signal. For my W910, even if it shows you have full signal reception, if will drop down to 2-3 bars (sometimes 1 bar) soon as the connection is established.

All I can do it tilt the phone to the left or right (landscape) so I get better reception. I guess that is because the radio frequencies are polarised

Posted by kanoute
wath deos 3g?

This message was posted from a SGH-E250

Posted by Homeless
what i want too do is skip it getting a hsdpca connection and just get a 3g one any idea

Posted by occupied
i don't fink it has got to do with phone's recepshun.. on mine nokia signal's alwez full but internet sucks, damn lags

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