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LF: n82 housing or a good website.

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Posted by dude_se
pref want a genuine one, but would consider anything. ebay is a load of bs. would rather buy on here or on a site.

Posted by Nanu
If its for my old N82? wait till you get it mate before you go buying a new housing as it isn't all that bad!

Posted by dude_se
lol yea its for yours. you said it was 6.5 so i got worried. im quite easy to please so im sure ill be happy. im just curious as i always think under 7 means its bad.

Posted by ayejatt

there you go..genuine BUT expensive...

Posted by dude_se
way too expensive. seen a gen one for 38 on amazon and a 15 one (but no info on it ).
20 max or i wont bother i think.
... and ill wait till i get the phone first anyway.

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