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Esato down?

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Posted by yea g
During Playtime, Oli and I were getting this message every so often (usually around 6pm gmt+1200+dst for about 1 minute):
and just today I saw it again. So whats happening laffen??

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Posted by tranced
this happen sometimes, specially when there's something with the servers. nothing serious. we have had esato down for hours one day.

Posted by goldenface
When I see that I normally just press the Refresh button (F5) and its back to normal again.

Posted by RyaN
@ yea g

You're a warez-bb member? Good man

Posted by gforce23
I kept getting the same error message on the last day of PT, presumably due to the very high degree of load on the server.

Btw, that's the most cluttered Firefox window I've seen in ages!

Posted by yea g
Esato has been on and off for me the last couple of days. Any news on why this is happening laffen??

Posted by laffen
I have no idea what could be wrong. We have received requests every second to the Esato servers the last couple of days so your claim that it was down is not correct. My guess is that you are having a troublesom internet connection.

Posted by yea g
Hmm... only one problem with your theory, when esato is not working for me, all the other websites still work.

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