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Mero Mobile / Spice Nepal

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Posted by ROSAN
Only GPRS provides in Nepal. Its monopoly is killing customers and ripping bucks. Technically its strong but as per customer satisfaction, its less than 10% satisfactory. Gives a Damn to customers. Just in 4 years it successfully sold 10 lacks SIM CARD. This shows how GOOD IS NEPALI MARKET FOR NEWER TELECOMMUNICATION. We welcome Multinational Telecommunication Service Providers to NEPAL and break MERO MOBILE'S MONOPOLY.

Posted by suresh86
Hi ROSAN, i am from Kathmandu, nepal. I am currently using NT and Meromobile. I agree with you. NT has quite cheap call rates but quality is crap. Meromobile has better services and quality but expensive compared to NT. I suggest few things for MM.
1. Cheaper call rates( of course the interconnection charge has to be decreased too)
2. Cheaper data rates( With unlimited data plan too)
3. 3G service(EDGE is out)
A third company would be nice for customers.
Heard someone is coming out though.

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