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Your thoughts about the next(probably last) UIQ phone

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Posted by razec
Well, as discussed on the 2008 rumors thread, the next SE UIQ announcement may be the last batch of phones based on this platform. i created this thread for the purpose of telling and seeking all readers and SE UIQ loyalists my/their thoughts about the last UIQ phone specifically the specs hardwarewise. well regarding the most argued aspect of any UIQ phone since P990: the CPU i bet it's still going to be a nexperia or any comparable ARM9 cpu but there is something bothering me. could it be that hikaru or whatever name would the last uiq flagship phone be have instead two arm9 processors? since we all know that UIQ is deemed for it's death once symfound platform arrives, SE, instead of using new hardware platform to run their OS UI would probably integrate two arm9 processors which they used on the previous UIQ3 phones for their forthcoming UIQ flagship. just like what Nokia did with their N96: instead of using the latest OMAP chipsets to power it up, they used two arm9 269Mhz processors. in the case of UIQ, 208x2=416Mhz i think this is fast enough for a symbian UIQ phone, but there is one issue remaining, how about the GPU? since nexperia can only render videos maxing out at CIF 30Fps having two powerVr Lite GPUs may drastically boost the performance of the graphics and video. to be honest i don't know much with regards to this but having in mind that desktop PCs employ SLI or CrossFire technology that opens the door for support of two video cards in one platform to further increase the performance of the video/graphics, i come to think that this philosophy may be applicable to smartphones.

having said my thoughts now i would like to know yours, again i am not an expert in this particular respect so if you guys find me getting unrealistic, please bear with me i only shared my opinions

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Posted by NightBlade
[meanie]No offence, but why did you create a separate thread for this? I mean, you've already got a wealth of opinions on the matter in the 2008 rumours thread. [/meanie]

Make sure you visit the "Post your photoshopped wallpapers here!" thread every week or so for graphically-rich goodies!:D

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Posted by razec

On 2008-08-17 14:35:50, NightBlade wrote:
[meanie]No offence, but why did you create a separate thread for this? I mean, you've already got a wealth of opinions on the matter in the 2008 rumours thread. [/meanie]

Make sure you visit the "Post your photoshopped wallpapers here!" thread every week or so for graphically-rich goodies!:D

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I understand your point matey but I just want to be specific, since the rumors thread covers alot of rumored phones. if you guys find this thread redundant, then i can make a request to lock this instead

Posted by crossmatched
the last UIQ device to be released by is indeed crucial.
imo it is but right that this thread is created

putting two CPUs is a good and practical idea to boost speed.
THe RAM should also be doubled imo.

may have alot of nexperia stocks. so instead of buying more expensive brand new processors, just maximizw what is in stock.

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Posted by djin
while 2 cpu's might be possible on those, but 2 gpu's might not work, unless they tweak it somehow and something about it!
But wasting resources on that they might just put up better chipsets, a single faster processor and better gpu...hopefully

Posted by razec

On 2008-08-17 16:12:19, djin wrote:
But wasting resources on that they might just put up better chipsets, a single faster processor and better gpu...hopefully

Lets think of the fact that SE may have stocked nexperia chips on their warehouse which is supposed to be used for G702 and Paris, but since the two models were cancelled these chips become redundant. so in order to maximize the utilization of these chips SE may have instead use it for the next UIQ phones but this time two chips are implemented just to compensate for the advancements of the platform as well as it's need for a better system performance. while many people would criticize the battery life as the flaw for this approach, having in mind that SE already have batteries as high as 1500mah to compensate for this more power hungry CPU combo. and AFAIK developing a 1500mah battery is less expensive for SE than to invest for a new CPU platform

btw. thanks for sharing your thoughts matey

Posted by QVGA
Why would SE use better hardware on a phone featuring a platform which is almost dead? When they couldnt do it with any UIQ phone, what will make them do it with this one?

Posted by Dups!

Just what I was thinking. On the other hand, this could be their chance of salvaging whatever is left of their badly tarnished reputation, by giving this device a fitting send off. Would it really hurt to make this as highly specced as it can go considering that it may be the last UIQ device before the Symbian foundation?

Posted by badassmam
How do people know if this is the last UIQ anyway? Does that mean the 16GB Walkman would be WM or some sort of A200 touchscreen thing (if that is possible)? I think there will be more UIQ phones for sure. How do people know how many of these chips have in stock when Beibei and Paris are cancelled?

I know hardware is important but there is no point in putting expensive hardware in a phone if it won't use it to its maximum potential. That would be a waste of money. If the G900 were to have a really expensive and fast processor, would it be any use if it only speeds up the time it takes to create an new SMS and noting else? The current hardware is fine for the G900 and keeps it in a decent price bracket.

Unless you know what the new UIQ phone is supposed to be capable of, you can't really comment on the processor being old or whatever, since you have to know if the hardware is suited for the software and vice versa.

To be honest, the G900/G700 are very good and capable phones. Business users would want a qwerty, Wifi, GPS etc. which is not beyond and I don't see how a new processor will be of much use. At the moment, it seems like they just want to up the numbers like the camera which is just delaying the release of a phone which we know how the UI will be. I doubt there will much innovation at all but a businessman would want a stable and capable phone, looking beyond processor speed and so on.

should release something, even if Paris was released it would do well (at the right price) so why delay. There would be a huge customer shift to different companies if this UIQ is not released in time for Christmas.

Posted by Dups!
That is why I wrote "may be" as no one knows for sure if there'll be any more UIQ devices. At this stage it no longer is about what users may or may not use, it is about SE showing they can compete.

Besides, the P series was never the core business of the company.

Posted by QVGA
Considering SE's expertise with 'pretty interfaces' they should invest in a S60 phone. Its clearly better than UIQ and the only gripe(if any) is that its not good looking(thats by SE fans). So if they can make a pretty and flashy looking S60 interface phone, it might do wonders.

Posted by djin
Your right, but i think even thou it might be last of uiq, but it wont be the last of symbian. So Se might just prepare for the next symbian os with the next uiq phone(in terms of hardware) just so it becomes cheaper to them when investing on the next symbian platform. But ofcourse if they already got loads of nexperia, then your point seems very logical(other wise too).

I have to agree with you, s60 is great. If se would somehow make deal with nokia to add s60 compatibility in uiq or other new os, then that would be awesome as well, as s60's got loads of softwares. But when overlooking both os in their default state i think uiq's got some edges over s60.
Also if they would take ideas from their own A200(A3 would be great) and implement it on uiq... that might make it much much better.

Posted by Tsepz_GP
I think it would be great if SE, went the NOKIA and MOTO way by buying the cheaper FREESCALE MXC300-30 CPU. NOKIA use this CPU in their mid-range S60 devices like N78, N81, E66 and E71 running at 369mhz whereas MOTO use it in their LINUX OS devices like The V8, E8, Z6 and ZN5 running at 500mhz. It can handle VGA video at 30FPS as well as high quality 3D graphics. Its not AS power hungry as dual CPUs since its a single CPU. I think it would have been great if SE put this in their UIQ phones like G700 and G900.
Heres its details: http://www.freescale.com/weba[....]rod_summary.jsp?code=MXC300-30

Posted by idumbakumar
My idea on putting two CPUs is. When the system needs to perform some havier operations can utilize the use of both. But whenever it needs some simple tasks no need of another Cpu and can be dead. Its kinda master and slave! So that power also less consumed. Anyway while two CPUs running may consume more power comparing single CPU. But using old CPU may not have some inbuild intelligence like audio DSP,3d acc, power manag,video graphics. Etc.
All just upto my knowledge.
So SE should use new CPUs. even the device is last uiq anyway we are going to get unified symbian that can make use of this new platform with small modifications as the core is almost same.

Posted by RedSpiDer
I think that the next UIQ if it will be the last won`t be such a great plus when compared to current or maybe SE would want to give a last hooray to there UIQ based phones.
As for the future I believe that SE may go with Windows Mobile , SE Xperia X1 is already an indication, probably they will choose only after they see the markets response to the X1 , if it`s good then probably we will see more WM based phones, if it is bad then back to the drawing board, maybe SE could start to implement Google`s Android OS if it`s good .

Posted by goldenface
I think quite a few people would like to express their thoughts on the new Symbian Foundation.

Personally, its a bit sad as I think UIQ, given more time, would have developed into something great.

However, there are great competitors to Symbian on the horizon what with Apple Inc and Android devices, its not hard to see why the new foundation makes good sense.

Posted by djin
No matter what happens, sonyericsson will not abandon symbian. It has or had 2nd highest stake in it. And symbian's first device was an ericsson(which was ultra limited in functionality). So it makes no sense to leave symbian but rather, it should use more symbian, because there are the most users of symbian than any other os.
Se wasnt brave enough for going to a newly developed os, Andriod. However, the new mnagement might be brave enough to take risks(hopefully).

Posted by QVGA

On 2008-08-19 18:42:00, goldenface wrote:

Personally, its a bit sad as I think UIQ, given more time, would have developed into something great.

how much time exactly? its been ages since the P900 and the now G900

Posted by RedSpiDer
Symbian UIQ kindave lost the battle with it`s brother the Symbian S60, the S60 is used in more phones and by many other producers (for example Nokia,Samsung) while the Symbina UIQ is just used by Sony Ericsson and Motorola, the later kindave lost interest in it in recently.
The only good thing that the UIQ still has is the ability to use a touchscreen interface.

In my opinion Sony should start to pay a close attention in developing better phones for Windows Mobile, although it has it`s share of drawbacks , or even get involved with Android, which might be a succes.

Posted by djin
symbian uiq was used in a nokia model too. but i dont remember its name.

Posted by max_wedge
I forget the name but it was the only Nokia touchscreen phone.

se sold all their interest in UIQ to Nokia, Nokia then contributed all symbian stuff (including s60 and UIQ) to Symbian Foundation.

It's a bit of a guess only at this stage whether se will go with the new symbian or WM, or a bit of both (what will come after X1? It's anyone's guess at this stage)

Posted by clauf

On 2008-08-22 02:24:17, djin wrote:
symbian uiq was used in a nokia model too. but i dont remember its name.

the Nokia 6708... complete failure though... interesting to see it's not on the UIQ phone list: http://www.uiq.com/phones/

Posted by QVGA
i'm not sure, but i head the 6708 didnt have keypad back light

Posted by jayce
Hey a new UIQ based rumours thread ... sounds like a good idea to me

I'm hopeful for a new, top of the line UIQ based smartphone from as their parting gift to the faithful, before the Symbian Foundation kit takes over.
Heck I've been waiting to replace my P900 since the P990 fiasco and in that time have seen loosing their way.
However past experience may not bode well:

o) The P900 was hardware capable of using memory stick pro duo's and only
needed a firmware update to make this happen, however if you wanted to
have more than 128Mb, forced you into buying the P910

o) The P990 was riddled with bugs and poor design compromises. Despite
numerous firmware updates, abandoned those who had purchased the
phone and essentially told them, go buy the P1

On the above evidence, charity and the doing the right thing by the faithful doesn't seem in them.

However with Hideki Komiyama now in charge, plus the appointment of Wolfstar for public relations, who knows if this will mark a change of direction and that "thank you" device for the loyal UIQ followers?

Here's hoping that September brings good news.

Posted by razec
@clauf and QVGA, 6708 was actually the benq p30 smartphone. nokia did not actually designed it nor implemented it's hardware. it's just a nokia labeled benq UIQ phone

Posted by sigea

Did you guys see this - http://www.uiq.com/

A new annoucements coming!

Posted by marty mcfly
That looks very interesting....

Posted by ares
however, it seems to be from motorola...

Posted by xell
The phone on the right side is a Z10.

edit: http://www.uiq.com/flash/start-screen.swf

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Posted by ares
yes, it is a z10...but that only means the misterious phone is from motorola, not that it is the z10 (that makes no sense)

besides..."in thouch with the feature", i.e., this new device should have a touch screen

Posted by michaelconan
Z10 doesn't have Touchscreen.. so mayb this is another phone by Motorola which has touch features?

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