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Latin American Users Recognize Mobility as Productivity, Personal Balance Tool: IDC

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Posted by tranced
July 24, 2008

Thanks to mobile devices' increasing availability and continuing accessibility for professional users, Latin American users are joining the mobility wave prevailing in developed markets.

Buenos Aires (Argentina) - With a 52% service revenue share in the telecommunications market, far exceeding that of fixed telephony (35%), mobile telephony services, including voice and data, are the industry's top performer in Latin America, and show the regional users' need to be continually connected.

These conclusions were addressed by IDC Latin America Telecom Director Romina Adduci during the conference hosted by Nokia in Buenos Aires around the new Nokia E66 and Nokia E71 mobile devices, proposing an ideal balance between personal and professional life.

This mobile services growth is being mainly supported by access to personal and professional communication resources, ranging from email solutions, messaging and Internet navigation to more complex, business-related applications, including CRM, ERP, Workforce Automation, etc., which are supported by the corporate intranet in the mobile environment.

Such mobilization is favored by a growing user eagerness and willingness to make their mobile devices their core communication tool. According to a survey conducted by IDC, this kind of device easily tops the list of Latin American aspirations when selecting among other core, daily routine items, including the wallet, the keys, etc.

For Latin American users, the entertainment and multimedia experience leads personal aspirations. But, while major interest for innovative communication forms is personal, real adoption occurs through the corporate world, basically for budgetary reasons.

The IDC study states that having a corporate device allowing users to stay online on the move, wherever they are, is conducive to enhancing the individual's communication experience significantly. Latin American users see that mobility brings more efficiencies, productivity and access to resources in multiple environments, thus contributing to balancing and even improving their quality of life, because they are able to manage their communication time and space.

According to the report, mobility is growing in Latin America - a trend that will continue to be on the rise as long as both users have more access to devices meeting their resource access expectations, and service plans are made more available enabling permanent connectivity at competitive prices.


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