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Calling all P1 users.

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Posted by Ranjith
ok guys ill be mostly buying a p1 soon.and since music is my priority ill be installing the WM3 on the p1.
and i just have some Q's about the phone.
is the P1 really slow? and does the WM3 work perfectly on the p1? i mean does the WM work well on standby with the shortcuts?
are the details of the playing track displayed on the standby?
and i have often seen users complaining abt "visualizations" or something?
what is that and does that make the phone slow?


Posted by giantfly
WM3 IS slow on Pi1. However, WM2 is way faster....

Posted by Ranjith
WM2 is the one on 950 right?

Posted by strizlow800
WM3 is ok after all. it works great imo . I have it on mine.

And i think the G900 media center app will be ported to P1 soon...

Posted by Ranjith
ok how fast is the p1 generally?and what bugs are still there in the latest FW?

Posted by Ranjith

Posted by jmbillings
I wouldnt' call the interface on the P1 fast. In particular the messaging app can be chuggy... for instance I get a popup notification of a new SMS and say yes to read it... the messaging app loads, then changes to the inbox, then goes to the message. You see all this happen and it takes a second or two...
But then it depends what you're used to I guess!

As for bugs, I am sure there are loads still, but I don't find many. I have one where pressing the key to change the camera mode doesn't update the icon unless you hit # twice to refresh the screen... and streaming mobile youtube seems to be a bit iffy over WLAN, a lot of people have that (but apparently it could be a router issue...). There isd the green tint on the camera- variable pot luck it would seem, and I find different pictures have a big effect on it.
That's about it for me - still say it's a great phone.

Posted by happykhan
With the latest FW everything(speed,stability,...) is OK, only if you just consider that you are dealing with a smart phone and not a feature phone

Posted by Ranjith
ok the green dot!!
is that a HW or FW issue?and can you tell me in what cond. does that dot appear?so that i can test the camera before buying it.


Posted by Ranjith
one more Q
should the album art be stored sep on the phone or does the P1 read the embedded alum art with the WM3?

Posted by gavster001
not all P1i have the green tint problem, so its a really good idea to test the camera first before purchasing the phone.

Posted by xan K
About bugs: I can comment about the icon bug in the camera. it just doesn't update immediately. you have to press the button twice or do something that refreshes the UI.

About the speed: if you're coming from one of the latest non-smartphones, then you'll consider the P1i rather sluggish and it can upset you. but after you start appreciating the power under the hood you start to forgive it. WM3 doesn't have the speediest UI expericence ever, but it's acceptable and if you're using a bluetooth device like HBH-DS220 the interaction is flawlessly fast.

About the green issue: mine didn't come with any green issues. At least none that I have noticed so far. My phone came with the latest FW available.

Album arts: I've never had any problems with Any phone showing albumarts, and the P1i is no exception. I always keep every album in its own folder with a folder.jpg albumart in it. it has never failed me. I'm currently using WM3.

hope it helps...

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Posted by Ranjith
thanks a lot guys!

Posted by Ranjith

i bought it!!!....im a P1 owner now!!!

few Q's
does the back light stay on while charging?
and what is the latest FW?


Posted by AD
The backlight has done that with all the uiq3 phones, nobody knows why.....if you charge it powered up it goes out though.

Here's th thread about the latest firmware:


And an unnoficial list maintained by publicly spirited users:


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