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How many litres of petrol does one barrel of crude oil yield?

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Posted by Kryptik
Could somebody please tell me how many litres of petrol (an estimated volume will suffice) one barrel of crude oil would yield? I'd appreciate it if you could post a link to a site giving some specifics on the topic.

Posted by fatreg


158.987295 liters

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Posted by DickySnapples
nice edit

10,000 litres? lol!

Posted by Kryptik
Isn't that the volume of crude oil per barrel? Some sites speak of 28 gallons yield.

Posted by themarques
Petrol from crude oil is around 19 Litres per barrel. (4 to 5 gallons), the remainder will be used in other products (20 Gallons).

The conversion to gasoline depends upon several factors ie refining efficiency, product mix desired by the refiner, quality of the crude to name a few. The amount of gasoline that can be distilled from crude depends on where the
crude is obtained. Venezuelan crude yields little gasoline (about 5%),
whereas Texas or Arabian crude yields about 30% gasoline. This is called
"straight run" gasoline.
However, the distilled components of the crude oil can be further processed
into gasoline by various other methods (catalytic and thermal cracking,
hydrocracking, catalytic reforming, alkylation, and polymerization) to
yield even more gasoline.

In short its hard to put an exact amount on how much a barrel will produce it can vary depending on the what is stated above so from 5 Gallons to 19 Gallons. Hence those crazy names leaded, super unleaded, ultra super duper unleaded you get where I am going

Posted by Kryptik
Thank you very much for that comprehensive reply, sir The info is being put to good use!

Posted by amit3948
90 to 91 litres

Posted by arien617
You would get far less petrol than the actual amount of crude going into the fractional distillation columns, this is because one barrel of oil going into the column is separated into various parts: kerosene, petrol, diesel, residual, gas oil, lubricating oil, naptha, gas and other petrochemicals for plastics etc.

I did an entire case study on this last year

Posted by thomas93
Arien, I saw a chart on this yesterday for what all the by-products you named are used for.

Cant remember though.

Posted by jcwhite_uk
So far we have had 19, 90 and 158 litres. That a bit varied isnt it. Cant see it being 19 as a barrel of oil is approx 120 a barrel I think. If you get 19 litres of petrol from it that is approx 18 worth. That means they must make a lot from the left over stuff.

Posted by paul101
and some of it goes towards your cheap plonk

yes, you can make alcohol from a hydrocarbon

Posted by arien617

On 2008-11-13 22:58:03, paul101 wrote:
and some of it goes towards your cheap plonk

yes, you can make alcohol from a hydrocarbon

I'm interested... explain?

Posted by Kryptik
I'd love to know what it would taste like ...unleaded lager....

Posted by nrlanderz

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