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T-Mobile launch roadmap leaked

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Posted by nicv27
T-Mobile customers in the US of A should start writing their wish lists now as the company is allegedly going to release no fewer than 16 new models by August.

A leaked memo (don't you just love those) has found its way into the hands of the team at Tmo news - the unofficial T-Mobile Blog.

And it not only details when the new models will be made available - from 16 June to 1 August - but the blog report even predicts which phones are going to appear.

For BlackBerry fans - there's the recently released Bold and then the Kickstart - the rumoured clamshell model, which we had deets of at the beginning of the month.

If the Tmo team are right then the Kickstart will be available much earlier than expected with initial rumours suggesting it would turn up in the latter half of the year.

Then there's a whole host of Nokia models soon for release so these may well be available, Samsung has the T339 and T229; and then, of course, there's the Shadow II; and last up - the Motorola W450 and Rokr E8.

All rumours and speculation at the mo, and memos of this kind are always apt to change, but will the launch date just weeks away, who knows?

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