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T-Mobile goes 3G officially

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Posted by tranced
T-Mobile today officially introduced its anticipated third-generation (3G) cellular service. Coming after company hints and unofficial tests, the network is now live in New York City and significantly improves both call quality and data access versus the current 2G network. Like other 3G services, T-Mobile's is seamless and allows supporting phones to automatically switch to 3G when they come within range.


Posted by t68iNWO
It's about time!!!

I wonder what new phones they'll start selling with 3G capabilities...we'll see. Hopefully their rollout of 3G isn't lame like AT&T was/is with half-ass speeds and quality.

Posted by bulukaki
music to my ear.... ...but why only at NY? no other cities? when is my turn to taste the wrath of 3G speed? *hoping real bad*

Posted by Supa_Fly
They already have roughly 4 phones for their 'specific' 3G network - you can thank the FCC & their lack of forsight in auction spectrum for that!

Many ppl have already purchased these 3G Ready phones for the past 2mths. GLAD they've finally rolled it out, but in just 1 city?! Thats just sad.

Posted by jakontil
nice! hope you guys can enjoy it

it's bout time......

Posted by fbloise
That was about time. The only downside is the crappy and rare 1700mhz band they use, instead of 850mhz or 1900mhz (both prperty of AT&T)

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