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PlayList Generator JAVA application lets browse your music by directory structure!

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Posted by neotrino
PlayList Generator for Sony Ericsson

If your mp3s dont have the correct id3 tags (like me) and you have a lot of music trying to browse the music by artist / album name can be a nightmare in the music player of your phone...
So i make this application to make possible browse the music by directory structure in the music player of the sony ericsson phone. Thi is a very simple application that will delete all playlist (*.m3u) from the music folders of your cell phone and will create new playlists based on the directory structure. ..

It is designed for SonyEricsson Phones and it was tested on a k800i, but i think it must work on all sony ericsson phones that use the Music folder to store the songs, if you test it on your phone tell us if it works ok.

The application runs slowly with a memory card of some gigabytes, but it just works Wink.

Each time you put new music on your phone simply execute this application and it will rebuild all your playlist and then you can browse the music sorted by directory structure.

A example, if you has

this application will create


You can download the application and the source code (is released under GPL) in the following url

If you like it i will thank you a click on the banner


Best regards!!

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