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password on sms or pictures or video .

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Posted by barareklam

I have some messages (and pictures) that are for my eyes only, on my K850i. Is there any way to put password on that folders. (I have over 1000 photos so one-by-one rename and hide is not an option).

Greetings from Sweden.


Posted by Coquito
no is no possible set a password

but you can do what i i do:
save all the pictures and videos in the memory stick and when someone want yo see your phone you take the memory stick out Quickly after giving to he/she.
k850 have to memory slots no? save one memory in your pocket with all the pictures and videos you want only for you and buy another for the usual use.
too much complecated

Posted by jigonx
u can use Opera mini Mod for make your file hidden.

Posted by ahmed5

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Posted by jaykay
There are some thirdparty .jar apps that claim to make it possible, but none of them were tested by me so far. Go to www.getjar.com, there are some there.

Posted by mastermindx
hi...u cn downlaod a jar software called mobyexplorer on www.getjar.com
tested ok on k800i & k750i.....hwvr its a trial version, but thrz a mistake in the software, it cn b used evn aftr the trial period is over...jst lemme knw if u cnt gt in....

Posted by sayamanta
hey buddy u can hide,set password,zip etc etc..xcpt ne file excpt message..download here buddy..enjoy


Posted by alanwong
it sounds great

Posted by barareklam
Try: an impossible dream flash-menu. You can find it at shake-se.com pasword protected flash menu.

This will do, works on C905 as well....
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Posted by princeJanz
bkit ayaw nang gumana ng 1h1.net?

Posted by *nabil
SmartGuardPro . This appl hide message,picture,musique,contact .....

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Posted by dantc702

Is it applicable for se c702?

Posted by broad.mind
applications often use unknown extension to make it unreadable,

mypicture.jpg is in your folder if you use third party application this will happen to your file


where .mjdg is n0t a valid extensi0n file. then it w0uld be unreadable..

im w550i user if your familiar with patches, im using confidentiality.vkp it would add pin to your inbox,email,draft,sent items,save messages etc, also at c0ntacts,picture,videos,application,games etc.. so no 0ne would pass my private files,
mr.google is there just use him, some like
'w550i vkp patches'
read and learn.. its easy to understand but i think it needs a lot of inf0rmation..

SpEaK wHen yOu aRe aNgry aNd y0u wiLL mAkE tHe bEsT sPeeCh y0u wiLL evEr rEgrEt....
broadmind powerdby: ANGERmngt

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Posted by StevenC
Put them in an email and save as Draft on your phone. Then delete the files from the File Manager.

You can then view the videos by going into Emails - Manage Files - Drafts

Create a second email profile and switch to it so that the phone does not show the emails from the default profile (the one which contain drafts with the attachments).

I hope this helps

Posted by broad.mind
if he has plenty of pictures and huge files like videos or something? does this trick works? how about sms? copy paste 1 by 1 to an email? that should do a lot of work, and if someone already know this then its useless it can still able to access your files.. hehe
thanks for the trick, i learn new one, im using patch so pr0bably these is helpful to others.

Posted by dantc702
helo all, Ive been using filelock for my picture and other file. the disadvantage of this is that, even if it is lock, its still be accessible if you try to delete the application install a newone with your own password. or you will rename the file. example if you have a picture named aso.jpg. if you lock it with filelock then it would be aso.jpg.lck. If you rename that file and alterr the lck extension then. filelock is useless. I guess it is the same with other application.

Posted by broad.mind
@dantc just like what ive said. delete the unknown file extension and its readable, the flock is one of the application that uses this lame technic. lol

Posted by go2
nice,just instal in ur phn apps my protect.,and set code of it,clik menu>files>(go to file u want & select > ok.the end,u cant open it without ur code,if u want unlocked,go also menu>liste>go to it,select ok,the end).

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Posted by ashrat02
If you want save and protect your photos videos . So go to wap.getjar.com you can download a lot of apps write in search Protect and choos your favorite apps (ex protect apps : MobilePad )

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