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What is the best style to break ur phone?

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Posted by gaming_guy

On 2007-09-04 04:46:59, herbellis wrote:
Just put it in the microwave for 3 minutes, and see if it lasts that long

didnt someone do that with a k700i?

Posted by Trev1982
get arrested and make sure the cop hits u in the leg with the kosh and bam u can get nicked and loose ur phone in one go,

Posted by Bonovox
Best way to break your phone give it to the kids to play with

Posted by erazer007
Ill throw the phone along with molten steel.

Posted by sniper_supra
I want to create something like this;

- Samsung casing
- Nokia Keypad
- Sony Ericsson display
- then mix all their intrails and batteries and memories and programs

and then.. Poof!

It became Koko Krunch!

Frankenstein phone, I guess.

Posted by narchieve
1)Buy a nice and expensive phone.

2)Connects the phone to its charger.

3)Cut the plug of the charger.

4)Now connects the charger's cable directly to home electrical socket.

5)Congratulations!! Now just watch the phone burns immediately.


Posted by Mige

Posted by goldenface
Marinate it in Piri-Piri sauce for 24 hrs then put in on the Barbeque. Serve with crisp salad, chill wedges and a smile.

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