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Morange 3.2.1 - Free Push Mail, rss, chat, Remote Files

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Posted by razzali
Morange 3.2.1 - Free Push Mail, RSS, CHAT, Remote Files

Ever wish that you have purchased the Blackberry when you are being scolding by your boss for not replying email fast enough?

Ever wish that you could check your email, chatting with your MSN, YM, Google Talk, AOL*, ICQ*, SKYPE, QQ while you are boring waiting for taxi, bus, or even in train..?

Donít worry, now we have

Upgrade your phone to Laptop class!
Apple iPhone is not necessary better than your phone, if you install Morange on it ! In one application you get *Everything!*: Instant Messaging (MSN/AOL/ICQ/Google Talk/YahooMessenger/QQ), Push mail like Blackberry , RSS, Social Network, Remote Computer access... Morange has the following exciting new features:

+ The world`s first Mobile Podcast you can listen to your favorite pod cast on your phone!

+ Mobile RSS Reader with Full-Text & Picture on your phone!

+ Full IM support, ICQ, AOL, Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo Messenger & QQ...! Now

+ Search friends by Gender & Age!

+ Remote Desktop Access from you phone!

+ Create your own Profile and Mobile Social Network, with Camera support

+ Compatible with all networks: GPRS/WiFi/WIF/3G/WAP

+ Push Mail , wireless access your mailbox from anywhere!

Morange support both Symbian and Windows Mobile platform. Download it free now and get one month free VIP services if you register and using my referral.

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