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Not receivinmg sms in M600

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Posted by haris_el
Hello guys,
suddenly about 2 weeks ago i stopped receiving sms . I need to restart the phone to receive sms. I received 3 times in 2 weeks about 25 sms each time....

An error comes up saying:
Application closed
Reason Code
Reason number

I am thinking reinstalling the last firmware maybe it becomes ok....

Posted by haris_el
So i suppose i am the first who gets this error in here

Posted by Nyb
are you sure its not a network problem? try to use your SIM in a different mobile and see if that helps. if you get messages properly on a different mobile then its most probably something wrong with your handset and you should definitely reinstall the firmware

Posted by haris_el
I have tried on my old k750 , however i didnt receive anything there...

Then as soon as i open m600 15 messages appeared!

I will be doing the update later and see what happens...

Posted by haris_el
as soon as it starts the % for completion it states:

error: update fail
please disconnect your phone and try again

First time this occurs to me!
Arghhhhh !!!!

Posted by haris_el
Just unistalled the previous Update Service and installed it from the beggining... This time the update was completed succesfully.

Now i shall wait to see if i receive all messages without any problems...

Posted by jalf
i have the same problem in my P990i !!!! i can't use the phone

Posted by jalf
well, finally it's working! i resarted the phone, delete 1 message that i didn't opened... working again!

another P990i/M600 bug????

Posted by jalf

On 2007-06-30 12:46:41, haris_el wrote:
Just unistalled the previous Update Service and installed it from the beggining... This time the update was completed succesfully.

Now i shall wait to see if i receive all messages without any problems...

hey, haris_el can you tell me if it results? because afterall the message still appears...

Posted by jalf
you must uncheck status delivery from sms definitions....

Posted by haris_el
Well the results after the re-update of the phone (basically i installed the latest firmware again) was that i was receiving sms again as normal...

Very very very weird thing... Fro me this is the worst bug from all the phones, even from P990!!!

Posted by mwretlund
This problem occurs on my P1i too. Have tried to upgrade and reinstall the firmware (original firmware, non-branded) but problem is still there. Same
Reason Number

thing. So annoying. SE Support says that it's "deep" into the phone, so I'll hand it in for repair on friday this week. For all P1i owners out there, I'll keep this thread posted IF the workshop repairing my P1 will tell anything about what they've done with my phone to get it working.

Posted by ongren
if u experiencing watchermainthread error? i discovered solution for that problem. check ur contacts name, be sure that the names were all short, too long names will experience this error...make it short name only... email me if this will help u, willy_ong@yahoo.com

Posted by taneiiv
Good day and how is everyone doing?

I did have the same issue yesterday; a screen with e message that says the following:


Reason Code:

Reason Number:

I was unable to receive any sms until i turn off the phone and turn it on again. The screen of the same message will appear again n again once the phone is turn on even when you closed it.

I later realize tt the issue started to happen AFTER sending a MMS to a fren; i did not know if he has gotten tt SMS but it might be a service that is blocked on his side for receiving MMS.

After I have deleted the MMS in my "sent" folder, everything returned to normal (so far)

Hope this helps for those who met the same hiccup as me.


have a nice day.


Posted by risker
I hate to rez a thread but i'm having this trouble with my m600i phone.
I've tried updating it to the latest firmwire and etc.. but i can't seem to receive messages.
Anyone have any clue on what to do?

Posted by erickyfm
I'm using SE P1i

I started having this problem when my Inbox has about 1300-1400 sms.

I deleted 350 "rubbish" sms and moved another 450 sms to newly created folder. My Inbox had less then 700 sms now.

Without restarting the phone, I sent 1 sms to own number and THIS WORKS!!

I can receive sms as usual

Posted by haris_el

Very usufull to use for my M600 that i dont know where it is actually now!
I've changed 4 phones since then....

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