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FS: T68 lighter

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Posted by masseur
went to Geneva for the day last Saturday and finally got me a BIG Swiss army knife. Been after the XXLT for a while and already have the XLT but now they have released the better (also limited edition) XAVT

they also had the The Ultimate Swiss Army knife at CHF999 (about 400) but I resisted that temptation...

a-n-y-w-a-y, I digress... while in that shop I spotted a T68 lighter so I bought 2, one for me and one for you

as you can see the screen lights up when opened. The flame is wind resistant and it refils as normal from the bottom

it cost equivalent of about 9 so looking for offers from a tenner + delivery please

you can choose which of the two screen designs you want

Unless I'm very much mistaken...
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Posted by trancetripper
is the size equivalent to a t68 mobile or smaller?

Posted by masseur
no, its smaller. more like a normal lighter size

Posted by batesie
does it have blueflame? *ahem*

Posted by batesie
(poor joke)

Anyway, it would be handy for a smoker in the UK with the smoking ban coming soon, would just look like a mini mobile on the table

Posted by masseur
this is sold now


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