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Faster data on w800, comparable to EDGE?

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Posted by KingBooker5
Hi im wondering if you can speed things up a bit on w800,

can you use far to make the w800 go faster then 57 kps? or comparable to edge. It does get a bit frustrating when you want to open a page and its not that fast.


Posted by BobaFett
edge ( 2.5 g ) its usually 3 times fater as gprs. of course the speed depends on the operator as well, i have very good experiences with mine one. its really fast here ( t-mobile hungary ). i can watch tv and listen to internet radio ) "almost" in the same quality as on 3g. ( its even possible here with normal gprs, but the tv qulaity isnt the best then.

Posted by QVGA
i really hope you are not trying to open up HTML pages on a 1.8'' screen. and to answer your question, no, you cant, you're stuck with GPRS.

Posted by jcwhite_uk
GPRS and EDGE are part of the hardware. To increase the speed of GPRS you would need to play with the hardware on your phone and the hardware at your network. The only way of increasing the speed is to get another phone that either has EDGE or 3G.

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