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Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Launched in Pakistan

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Posted by bilal
PTA has launched Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in Pakistan, Its starting from 26 of this Month i.e 26th March 2007. Its very easy to switch to any other network now retaining your same number. U have to go to the service centre of the Network u want to switch and on normal new sim charges (Rs 100 or 150) u will get a new Sim of that Network with exactly having ur old number with the previous network code. Its requirement is that U must have at least 60 days old Subscription to ur previous network. U can switch again to another network after 60 days.

Posted by aatuif
Then what numbers do the new customers get, I mean who don't have an existing connection. There must then be a full fledged network code series for them, in addition to one or two series (commensurate with the number of operators) reserved for existing subscribers of other networks. Am i right.

Posted by bilal
I think u havent Understood completely, if u want a new connection then the procedure is the same as uptil now i.e U will fill a form a get a new connection of that network with thier code. For MNP, if u have a number e.g 03025144359 of Mobilink and u want to switch to Telenor then u will have to go to Telenor service center with ur Mobilink SIM and fill out the MNP request form and get a new SIM of Telenor exactly the same SIM Telenor users are using for Rs 100 but Its number will be same as your old number 03025144359, means u will get a Telenor SIM with number 03025144359 and from now on u will only be a user in Telenor Family and u will have nothing to do with Mobilink any more, U will use every thing of Telenor, Thier packages(even postpaid), Telenor easyload, Telenor scratch cards.
I think now u have got what I m saying. This process takes up to three or four days if ur previous network SIM is not blocked and its in ur name.
For more information visit Any office of Telenor or any other service provider.
Now thier will be a HOT RACE between the service providers.
Pakistan is the first country of ASIA for introducing MNP. I think MNP is best for ending the Monopoly of certain service providers.

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Posted by aatuif
ok. That means you retain all the 10 digits of your number.

Posted by ajeetpv
telecom regulatory authority of india TRAI had recommended the date as 1st april 07 for the launch of MNP in india. but department of telecom is not in favour of launching it at this moment, says it dont going to have the much benefit to consumers.

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Posted by carkitter
New Zealand is on the verge of releasing Number Portability involving GSM, CDMA and land-line networks. 1st of April it's supposed to be up and running.

Posted by radarblip609
What New Zealand did is cute too. I think Pakistan should also look into this. The recent MNP introduced is very very handy.

Posted by AlanDS
It'll be very useful when you feel that your present network operator is costly.

Posted by radarblip609
MNP started here in Pakistan couple of days ago. Mostly businessmen are changing over because its them who don't know who has their number and who doest not. But still, its useful.

Posted by carkitter

On 2007-03-27 19:27:27, radarblip609 wrote:
What New Zealand did is cute too. I think Pakistan should also look into this. The recent MNP introduced is very very handy.

I'm sure Telecom NZ (CDMA + Landline) don't think so, but as a no landline, UMTS + Mobile Broadband Vodafone customer, I couldn't really care less what Telecom think.

My VF account gives me cheap calls to other VF phone and now under Number Portability I can no longer be sure I'm dialling a VF user when I ring a 021 prefixed number. Bit of a worry, I think.

However, anything that makes it easier for business people to ditch their landlines and go mobile (with VF) is good IMO.

Posted by c_vignesh
Its high time India gets this system too

Posted by carkitter
Setting up Number Portability seems to have been a disaster for VFNZ.

There has been all manner of computer system glitches recently: My son's Prepay number was cut off for no reason, it took 2 weeks to get it back up.
Then when I tried to load the prepay add-ons by TXT, thier computer wouldn't respond so I had to call an operator (along with everyone else in NZ).

After my third call which included 20 mins of waiting, we finally got it sorted.

I feel sorry for the poor Customer Services Staff having to be the public face of this mess.

Posted by usmjan
When MNP was launched in USA in 2004 there were lot of tech problems during the initial months, after which the system started running properly. Let's see how PTA & mob operators deal with the situation in Pakistan, to make this endeavor successful. One problem that will remain is that you will not be able to know the operator of dialled number in order 2 add for friends & family number, and therefore require to ask other person for his service provider.

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Posted by shivam007
In india, there was some news in air about this, the infrastructure is being prepared for this, moreover there are way too much official formalities. So it is taking some time. Btw the operators are also not in the favour because they know the quality of service they offer.lol..

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