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Looking for Lost (TV show end credits) ringtone

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Posted by sammydtd
I've searched, but no dice...any help?


Posted by sammydtd
Anybody???? PLease??? I love that show, and that music would make an excellent ringtone

Posted by Dj Boyi
funny u shud ask for this 2 days after i copied this from tv to my comp,i made it for a msg tone,its only 10 seconds long tho i hope u still like it

Lost Msg Tone


ps,it hard to get the end credit music from tv as it usually gets talked over every time

Posted by sammydtd
Thanks, but I am having major difficulties downloading from the download site...is there another way?

You rock dude!

Posted by sammydtd
OK I was able to download...and thanks!

but does anyone have access to the end of the show tunes...the bubg thud followed by the jungle drums??

Posted by sammydtd
Guys, I know this thread has been idle for a while, but has no one been able to get the end of show tone from LOST...ya know, the one that starts off with a thud, pauses and then goes into the African drum beats


Posted by BOSSHOGG
http://rangers.wen.ru/var/various.html (pc)
http://rangers.wen.ru/var/various.wml (wap)

Just added an alarm i found and maybe the one you were looking for.

Posted by sammydtd
Close, but still not the one i want...i'm looking for the one music and beats right after the show ends (where they show the end credits)


Posted by Wakee
Here it is, and it's free:


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