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P990 Media Player does not play songs in album order

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Posted by nicwi
I have stored several complete music albums on the memory stick in my P990.

However, when I play them from the media player, it doesn't seem to know about the song order from the album. It can only play them alphabetically or in random order.

For many albums I really prefer the original order so this is an issue for me.

I use CDex to rip my CDs in mp3 format, it creates mp3 files with names as xx-title.mp3, where xx is the number of the song in the album (01, 02, etc). So you might think that the alphabetical order would be fine. However, P990 media player doesn't seem to look at the file name, but probably some title information stored in the mp3 file.

I had the same issue on my P900, but then the storage was so limited so I didn't really care. And I thought it would be fixed on the P990.

Do other owners of P990 and other UIQ devices experience the same behavior? Or is it a problem with CDex?

For the P900 there were 3rd party music players. Do they exist for UIQ3 yet?


Posted by willo
The filename of the MP3 is not the title of the track. In Windows XP, right-click on the file and choose "properties" then on the next menu click on the "Summary" tab, then click on "Advanced. The track title, Album and artist name information is held there.
If you edit the track titles to start with 01, 02... etc then store them on your memory stick, they should play in the correct order.

Posted by nicwi
Thanks willo,

Is this the standard way to handle song order? If so, is it a bug in CDex that it does not embed this information the song titles?

My (limited) experience with other MP3 players is that they play songs in the correct order without me having to fiddle with the song title in the properties.


Posted by nicwi
Ok, I have done some research now. MP3 files include information about songs in "ID3 tags", for instance author, title, track number, and so on.

I checked my MP3 files and they do have correct track number information.

However, it seems that the P990 Media Player does not use the track number. In my view, this is clearly a bug, and I hope it will be fixed by UIQ or Sony Ericsson.

The ID3 format exists in several versions. The first version (ID3v1) did not include track information. This was added in ID3v1.1. The latest version seems to be ID3v2.4.

A workaround is to put the track number first in the song title, as willo pointed out.


Posted by nicwi

It's a bit embarrassing, but it was just a setting in the media player!


Posted by gseh88
@nicwi, how did you solve it? I use Windows Media Player and have the same problem when playing back on my P990. Other MP3 players seem fine. What settings did you change?

Posted by Indiandawg
mine is the worst

when i copy the tracks to the USB Mass Stoarge (memory drive) at times (1%)
the tracks are played otherwise i get a ERROR..wtf man...

iv been really tryin to solve dis problem...but...hardly any big audio files plays..!!..ringtones are fine they run properly..!!

but full tracks oh god..m tired of solving now..!!! f!@#$% waiting for a new firmware.. (it can be a memeroy card issue..but i dont think so cuz..den..y ringtones and video files gets saved properly and they run properly too? )

yes when i save it to internal...it runs properly..!! (via bt i have tired to save in internal and its played)

Posted by nicwi

The setting is only found when you enter an album from within the media player, i.e. when you see the list of tracks within one album. Then there is a menu item for sorting, and you should see an alternative called something like "smart".

(I have swedish language selected: The menu item is called "Sortera efter" and the selection is called "Smart".)

Although the selection is when a specific album is selected, it appears to apply to all albums.

I hope this helps.


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Posted by gseh88
Thanks nicwi, I'm now sorted!

Posted by Oz-Sco

Thanks all... thats been bugging me all day...
Happy now my 990 is plying my albums in the correct order...

cheers Oz

Posted by Discord
That's pretty nasty. Did you remember to hit the "update" button in your media player after you've transferred your tracks?

Could be the card after all...

Posted by dualist
Confirmed - setting the play order to "Smart" fixes the problem. (Why this isn't the default setting is anyone's guess!)

Posted by mlittle

Brilliant -- this has bugged me since I got my phone! I owe you a beer.

Posted by grizlore
@ nicwi
This one deserves a bump

I too have been miffed by this one!

Posted by skblakee
I really need some help here. I never knew that this was solved. What exactly am I supposed to do to get my tracks playing in order? I still don't understand.

Posted by skblakee
Forget that I figured t out. Man this took me months to figure out and now I am about to sell the %$# phone!

Posted by grizlore

Posted by mobman
this bugged me the whole time i had my m600! and i was pissed off that they hadn't fixed it on the p1 - and now i find that it was just a setting!

Posted by grizlore
yep, well worth a bump

Posted by richierich
Hey guys, I have spent hours trying to figure this out, but still to no avail.

Simply, I am copying my albums from my PC onto my Sony Ericsson phone (model w995) but the songs within the album will only play in alphabetical order, it's extremely frustrating.

I see 'media player' used a lot in this thread, are we talking about the Windows Media Player, or the Sony Ericsson Media Manager? Plus I can't see the option to edit the order of the song play list anywhere in either media player.

I'm completely lost here and any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks, Rich.

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