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blue tooth / max accounts?

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Posted by haako9
when i try to connect to my computer with my w850i , i get the message "max accounts reached - please delete an account " what does thhis mean??

Posted by mcrosser
perhaps the number of devices you have in the "my devices" list is at max, but I haven't heard of such a thing before ...

Posted by jumbles
I have the exact same problem on my w850i, I only have 2 devices setup. Did this get resolved ? Emailed SE but they're very slow replying.

Posted by gdroux
Has there been any clarification of this?
I'm getting the same message ""Max accounts reached - please delete an account", and have deleted three to no avail. I've disabled Powersave on the phone system, but this was not the problem.
Probably linked to the problem: my one PC (Linux, UbuntuStudio 7.10 and is not picking the phone up as a modem with the "sudo wvdialconf" command, despite a working bluetooth dongle and Ubuntu 7.10 with bluez-gnome and a full libbluetooth2 loaded. My other machine, an XP box, picks it up fine as a modem, and has full internet connectivity.
I'm a Linux AND cellphone systems newbie, so might be missing something basic here. I'd really appreciate a fix.

Posted by kozlodojeff
I had the same problem, try to do settings -> master reset -> reset settings

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