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Game Reviewers Wanted

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Posted by bmosher
Hi! We're now accepting reviewers for our new mobile game reviewer program.


Here's the overview:

"We are looking for reliable, independent reviews and ratings for our products. There are lots of games available, some good, some less so. Games can be ported to hundreds of phones and multiple languages. Your reviews and ratings will help consumers determine which games they want to play.
We aren't interested in a two sentence review - we want meaningful commentary. Why you liked (or disliked) the game is often more important than that you actually liked it. Taste varies, but the flavor comes out in a good review, and people can make up their own mind as to whether or not the game suits them.

As long as you provide meaningful reviews and ratings, we will continue to provide you with free games to download and play. As a reviewer, you will be rated internally upon the quality of your reviews. Good reviewers will get more review requests. Note that good reviewers give honest reviews, not falsely hyped, overly positive or negative ones.
Popular handsets generate lots of reviewers, and we only need so many per handset. Regretfully, we may not be able to send you many games if your handset already supports multiple reviewers. The best way to get free games is to own a cutting edge or esoteric handset, speak and write multiple languages, and create meaningful, interesting, and honest reviews."


Click to view updated thread with images

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