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Unlimited data in UK

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Posted by lovewalrus
From a friend that works for T-Mobile UK. Following on from there hugely succesful Flext packages, on 1st April 2006 T-Mobile UK are to discontinue there Web&Walk packages. Instead, customers can subscribe to a new unlimited data package which bolts onto there existing price plan for only 7.50gbp per month-with no fair usage policy as such. Data must be used from the handset only & not used as a modem to connect to a computer! So all you smartphone junkies out there-get ready as this is the big one! :-)

Posted by Greggy
so its like an add on to an exhisting contract? whats the minimum contract you can add it to?

Posted by WelshTom
this may be a daft question but how will they know if you are using your phone as a modem?!

Posted by lovewalrus
No minimum contract-it's like a text message bundle just add or remote it as and when you want! As for the modem question, there system will monitor time connected and amount of date sent recieved (like a high traffic warning of some kind)! Lets face it, who on earth is going to use more than 100-150mb per month on your mobile unless your connected to a computer cainin hell out of it! Ha

Posted by Greggy
Lol no i mean whats the minimum as in cost?

Posted by themarques
We really going to need this for things like push email to be in line with the likes of Japan...

Posted by lovewalrus
The unlimited bundle will cost 7.50gbp per month! Remember, this only for coz data accessed directly by the handset. As soon as i find out more, i'll let you know :-)

Posted by amawanqa
T-Mobile really have been upping their game lately with their packages and tariffs, haven't they? This can only be good news for us punters.
Hope the other networks are taking note. Don't the other networks charge 3-4 quid for each meg?
Maybe I'll be migrating from O2 soon then...

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Posted by BOOYAR
I get the same thing for 4quid from orange uk.?

Posted by themarques
You get 4Mb for 4 on orange this is 7 for close to unlimited data........

Posted by BOOYAR
No you are mistaken i get 'orange world' it is £4 after tax and i get unlimited usage. There is a fair usage policy but it is meaningless really

Posted by themarques

Posted by BOOYAR
Seriously man i'm not stupid i get UNLiMITED for £4. It appears on my monthly bill as orange world. I use easily over 20Mb per month

Posted by themarques
What you getting irate for...I am just asking you to clarify what you are getting thats all no need to get into such trivia.

I am on the same package as you but as soon as I go over 4Mb its 1 a Mb...so I wondering if you one of the lucky ones to not be billed..

Posted by ares
cool...i hope this comes to my country also with a 3g phone, and a plan like this, who needs wifi???

Posted by fatreg
BOOYAR is on Orange Open Access.

was around a good few years ago, 4 per month gets him unlimited access to WAP/GPRS whatever he wants.

thats what he is on or atleast it should be!


Posted by amnesia
I've decided that I'm going to go with T-Mobiles web and walk.
In a week I spent 4 pounds on GPRS, so 5-7 pounds a month for unlimited is pretty good.

Posted by Jeditrebs
I have never paid a penny for data! I've had the same acount with o2 for the past year and I use data every day!
I think I'm supposed to get 1mb free per month but it never registers so I get it free!


Posted by raverbaby
I was wit o2 4 7 years n never paid a penny for data... until last week a whooping 200 bill on data alone. now switched to flext web n walk and got a nice free mda compact too!!

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