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Orange New Pay Monthly Tarriffs are based on animals

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Posted by darrengf
I not sure if its been mentioned or any body knows but Orange in the UK next month will release a set of new pay monthly tarriffs and scrap there old ones.

Heres the links for you to browse at


Name of tarriffs are

So what are you thoughts!!

Posted by amawanqa
Can you imagine being asked, "What contract package are you on?"

"Ermm... I'm using the Orange Canary and my wife's on the Orange Dolphin at the moment..."

Posted by Greggy
As long as ive still got my free wap cudnt giv a toss lol

Posted by PeterKay

On 2006-03-06 21:01:56, amawanqa wrote:
Can you imagine being asked, "What contract package are you on?"

"Ermm... I'm using the Orange Canary and my wife's on the Orange Dolphin at the moment..."

well put

Posted by jmcomms
Are these internal names? I've heard about this already, but can't believe they would be silly enough to use them.

Actually, knowing the way things are going, I probably could!

Posted by fatreg
apparently its what customers want!

as far as im aware there not internal names.

best get used to em folks!!


Posted by darrengf
Heres just a little more info for you all. Now you can decide what you want

Orange are going to charge customer 1p per delivery reports on sms.
Orange have lowered the tarriff mins but keps the same cost
Billing will now be £1.50
Non Direct Debit is now £3.50

SMS, Standard Calls are going to 12p from 10p

Read more and now you can decide


You decide who you want to go with now

Flext Tarriff looks better and better by the day.

Heres more for you http://www.mobileeurope.co.uk/news/news_story.ehtml?o=1972

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Posted by dave_uk
Orange have the completely lost the plot. Their entire marketing department wants sacking.

"I know - we'll patronise our customers by referring to them as animals, and at the same time we'll introduce enticing offers like 1p per delivery report!"

The funniest part was listening to the rep trying to explain/justify it all. Ricky Gervais, watch out...!

Posted by darrengf
Lost the plot, Theve all gone Mad.

Im sorry but My Mum gave birth to a Human and not a Animal !!

So does this like Allows us to call Orange Staf animal names and get a way with it !!

Ive wrote my complanit to Orange and see how many other people do.

I can appreiacate that some people will like the concept of them being a animal.

But what will get loads of people is the 1p delivery report. How many of them are going to be told Lets see. NONE.

I ll watch this space. The media on the net already think its a joke

Posted by dave_uk
To be fair, though they barely deserve it(!), I'm sure that these charges will only be introduced to customers on the new tariffs, or that if existing customers are subjected to it, they will be written to. Given that some of it represents a variation in contract terms, they will have little choice!

Posted by darrengf
Yes new people and those who migrate to the new tarrifs will be charged.

the 1p for a delivery report. That a cost of 13p per sms

I know one of my friends sends over 3000 sms a month and likes a delivery report, Thats another £30 on the bill.

To me its a scam.

*** They are putting sms to 12p out of your bundle and add the other 1p. This will make Orange the Dearest Network for SMS. Up to 13p per sms ***

They changed PAYG to 12p last year and soon changed back. Why people were leaving them big time.

Orange used to be in 1st position for the number of customers, Now thats not the case. They are position 3 and if they keep going like this they will soon be in 5th.

More and more people that i talk to that used to be with Orange have left and gone to either 02 or t-mobile, and with this new flext tarriff from t-mobile i think they will do more damage to the other networks.

Orange used to be unique when they first started now, they just want to scam more out of the customers. They used to be in position 1 for customer everything, Now thats not the case.

They have lost the plot big time

There spending 10 Mill on a nice advertising for the new tarriffs, i wonder if they mention that they are going to be charged for delivery reports. No only the fancy stuff i suppose!!

Orange Customer Care has been told not to tell any one of the new tarriffs Whats the point its on the orange.com website and all other websites.

So theres a laugh for a start.

Any way of my soap box now.

Only people can really deal with this and lets see how many complaints or customers leave them.

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Posted by fatreg

On 2006-03-17 14:11:18, darrengf wrote:

lets see how many complaints or customers leave them.

[ This Message was edited by: darrengf on 2006-03-17 13:21 ]

Leave? hmmm well you cant be the biggest network ALL the time can you?!

wait till you see the animal tariffs before you go overboard. Oh and just a wee point, does any network actually offer delivery reports other than Orange? i know O2 and voda dont unless you use RCT before a message?

and as for the non dd and billing charge, look at the other networks!!


Posted by dave_uk
Oh fatreg - you've been indoctrinated!

From what I remember from the presentation (once I clambered back onto my chair after hearing about the animal tariffs!) the tariffs weren't bad but didn't compare to T-Mobile's new tariffs, and Orange seem to be slowly closing the loopholes that gave them niche appeal:

Free 0800s - gone!
Free Itemised Billing - gone
non-DD charge (higher than all other networks now - does it cost Orange more than anyone else to process payments??)
Free Orange Care - now excludes almost as many handsets as it includes

I'm not saying this is not in line with other networks (although the delivery reports charge simply makes them look ridiculously tight!) but if you blend into all the other networks, what is there left to differentiate you? Animals??!!

Like I said, I used to think of Orange as innovative. From the concept of Your Plan (which was innovative) this appears for all the world to be a step backwards, when rivals such as T-Mobile are finally catching up.

The future's turning magenta...

Posted by darrengf
Dave_Uk, You couldnt have said it better

The non DD charge isnt the problem its this stupid new 1p per delivery report.

The only network that is going to charge 1p for them. How tight are they.

Vodafone do offer them with out purtting in rct, O2 offer them but you do have to offer 02.

The future isnt Orange any more, Far from it

Infact the future is Magenta and i thought i would never ever say that.

Who are these people that were asked, and what are the management thinking of. They are now starting to take the ****.

I used to be proud of Orange and my Orange badge on the phone, Now I'm not bothered.

Yes leave you say, Thats the easy way out, but prob the only way now.

I have praised Orange in the past and i can safely say that over a 100 of my firends have now joined them in the last 2 years, However today 1 of my firends who was going on Orange and spends over £50 a month, I told him not to.

Posted by fatreg
0800 numbers went ages ago now.

as you said the loopholes are being shut ie bringing orange inline with the other big 3 networks.

Orange dont want to fight for the mass market, thats not the idea, rememeber its quality not quantity that count!

50 customers that spend £60 a month are worth a lot more than 100 people that spend £20 a month on some silly flext tariff where you have to sign up for 18 months.

embrace the change folks.


Posted by amawanqa
If I used my phone far more extensively for calls etc. than what I do at the moment, I'll happily embrace a "silly" 18 month tariff that gives me 900 x-net minutes for 26-odd quid a month (if going through T-Mobile directly.)
And that's before all the 'rebate' deals available for this tariff through a host of high street and internet contract offers.
Incidently, Orange's reception is very poor in Beckton (east London) where I live, compared to say, the other networks. (The Gallions Reach Orange Shop are aware of this, but of course 'play it down'.) That's obviously not the case all over east London, but a point nevertheless.
Also, how often do we phone customer services? Orange are generally good, but in the same breath I've personally had no probz with T-Mobile.
Just my 2p's worth...

Posted by darrengf
Heres the response from Orange regarding there new animal Tarrifs

Orange: ‘We’re sticking with our Animals’
Orange said it had no intentions to rework its new animal-themed tariffs, despite fierce competition from rival networks and an initially lukewarm response from the dealers.

‘The animal tariffs were never designed to be the cheapest on the market. We’re not about to go on a land-grab. We’re more about getting the best possible customer on the base and making sure we keep customers on our base,’ Orange’s head of multiple retail, Simon Wetton, told Mobile.

Orange hopes that elements such as ‘magic numbers’ and free photo printing will give it an edge over bundled value tariffs like T-Mobile’s Flext, but initial feedback from the channel was less than positive. One dealer said: ‘From what I’ve seen so far you’ve got nothing that will be able to compete with T-Mobile or even 3. This will be tough for you.’

So far what i can see there doing a really good job of even upsetting the dealers,

This was taken from this website

Posted by amawanqa

‘The animal tariffs were never designed to be the cheapest on the market. We’re not about to go on a land-grab.'

Isn't that an euphemistic way of saying that they cannot compete at all with the likes of Flext et al? Or am I just being super-cynical or er... pig-ignorant? (or should that be racoon-ignorant?)
'We’re more about getting the best possible customer on the base...'

Oh, right, do they mean those that don't look out on the net or do some research to see what the best mobile phone network deals on the market are? Ignorance is indeed bliss, then.
'...and making sure we keep customers on our base,’ Orange’s head of multiple retail, Simon Wetton, told Mobile. '

Erm...they couldn't keep me when I was given a much better deal elsewhere, and the lady in the retention department must've thought I was clueless whan she tried to offer me a Motorola V545-whatever after a year with my Orange P900! And I'm sincere enough to say that I never missed a payment or gave them (IMHO) reason to offer me less.
'Orange hopes that elements such as ‘magic numbers’ and free photo printing will give it an edge over bundled value tariffs like T-Mobile’s Flext, '

Oh, give me strength....I must be missing something.
Don't get me wrong, I personally have no vendetta or grudge against Orange, but when Joe Public is fed BS like that and expected to swallow it, it does not bring out the best in me.
If I'm wrong, please feel free to show me the error(s) of my ways; after all, knowledge is power!

Posted by darrengf

I dont think your wrong i think you said it correct.

Im currently with Orange, Customer care is ok, better than some of the networks, but they are thinking that the people or thick !!

So I could be a Racoon, Dolphin or what ever other animal they have thought of. Some people will go for the idea. But what are the incentives.

Has Orange sat up and smelt there own a**e recenlty.
Hello T-mobile are thrashing them, O2 are going to change the tarriffs next month I wounder if there called Mouse, Rabbit, Monkey, Elephant.

3 have superb deals, Ok Customer care is none but there network is so far a lot lot better than it used to be.
Voda donest really do much in deals, Just hoping that there name says it all.

People i have spoke to think they have lost the plot, A few of the staff think that they have too.

So Orange have changed the tarriffs to offer us the customer a better deal, Ok there not he cheapest (No Sh*t there)

But in line with every one else, Billing will be £1.50 if you dont pay by DD its £3.50 For a Delivery report on SMS / MMS well im sorry thats now going to cost 1p a time, Oh SMS has gone up to 12p, Calls out side of the bundle is 12p for Orange and Landlines, but cross network will now be 25p.

How about being out of the line and doing something differerent, this is what Orange used to do best!! Changing the mobile world.

Now like I say the futures no longer Orange.

They are now in rankings as of December 4th out of our 5 networks.

Info gained from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mobile_network_operators

We can only wait and see.

Posted by Frubin
My boy-friend is considering to upgrade his contact soon and go to Orange online direct for tariffs as they provide better deals on xmins and inc texts then the Orange shop where he orginally got his contract from.

At the moment he is on the 120 xmins which is £25 per month but is also paying for 120 text bundles (£8 per month) as no text was included in the contract and tariff which was a 12 month contract. He does use all his xmins (sometimes goes over too!) but he also does alot of texting so the tariff he's on won't benefit him any more. Plus he was also paying quite high phone bills too. So i recommended him to go for one of the Orange direct tariffs (i'm on 300 xmins and 500 texts). He's thinking to for either the 200 xmins and 500 texts for £30 or or 300 xmins and 500 texts for £35.

I've already upgraded in Janurary with Orange Direct (which i was orginally on when i got my contract) so no need for me to worry till i next upgrade but my boy-friend is wondering would these new New Pay Monthly Tarriffs affect both the Orange shop and Orange direct and exisiting upgrade customers?


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Posted by darrengf
So far what i know is the the shop tarriffs are only going to change first, The online tarrifs are going to change in a month or so and PAYG in Sep (Poss Later)

Tell orange that you want a Tarriff like T-mobile or 3 for even better deals, They might not b able ot match but give you a better deal than there own online tarrifs.

Be carful tho, Orange are saying to a lot of there customers that they will be on a 18 month tarriff (T-mobile flex t tarrifs are 18 months) but even some of there own tarriffs when you upgrade.

They also wont give you any of the freebies like new customers get.

There is one way to work round this (I havnt tried it but been told on good grounds that it works) Say you are leaving, see what deal they offer, if you dont like them ask them to transfer to Pay as you go. In 30 days you will get a new sim card with you mobile no on. Make a few calls in a couple of days, ring Orange sales and they will treat you as a new customer.

You get to keep you number and have the freebies.

This is now how Orange seems to work (Backwards)

Like i say dont quote me on it,

Posted by amawanqa
@ darrengf,

Yeah, we know there's no such thing as the perfect network; I've had two O2 contracts and one T-Mobile contract and one Orange contract.
At the end of the day, as a punter, all I want is the best possible value for my money; networks can call their tarriffs what they like and we can have a bit of a laugh at some of these, they can receive praise for having better customer service than the next network...that's all fine.
However, for me, the one who's going to give me the most, be it Orange or any other network, is gonna get my vote. Simple as that.
At the moment, with the current incentives and price plans, Orange is not 'where it's at' for me...

Posted by Frubin
@ darrengf: Ah ok. We'll my boy-friend is not considering to go back to the Orange shop as they don't inc text in thier tariff but do offer other things like free 1/2 price line rental for 6 months (which my boy-friend already had when he first took his contract out!), 10% off line-rental, ect to existing customers which is tempting within itself.

But as i said before, my boy-friend really needs to get value and save money on his contract. The one that he is currently on isn't benefiting him enough plus i don't think it's not worth what is paying for.

I know myself as when i first got my contract with Orange direct, i was on a plan that gave me 120 xmins with 30 inc texts on top i paid for 120 text bundles (£8 per month), 4MB Orange World Access bundle (£4 per month) and Orange Insurance (£5 per month) on a 12 month contract. But as i found out i was a mixture of a medium-high talker and texter and i used up all my xmins (excess of 200+ xmins a month) and text quite alot too (anything from 150-200+ texts a month). As a result, i ended up paying high bills for my additional calls and texting plus everthing else i was paying for! So after examining my bills from the previous 1.5 years i checked all the tariffs previous to my upgrade and found one that would be right for me (300 mins and 500 texts) and kept the Orange insurance and 4mb Orange World Access bundle. It did reduced my phone bill to a 1/4 less than i was paying before but was tied in another 18 month contract with them which i didn't mind. I'm now happy with my contract as i have vaule for money in what is offered and paying for.

I want my boy-friend to experience the same and not choose the wrong tariff and get stuck in a contract for another 18 months, ending up being in square one again. I guess he needs to upgrade soon-ish to see get a chance to remain on the old tariffs before they change to these new ones!

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Posted by DVS
Been with Orange for 9 (mostly happy) years. Liked teh advanced services they offered and customer services on the whole is pretty good.


Examples of new tariffs given arent very competitive (we'll see if it is a joke on 1st April). They won't match Flext or Stop the Clock - only 12 month contracts.

Not impressed that they are going to charge for itemised billing. If someone is going to charge me for something, I want to know what they are charging me for. If they offered more minutes and texts like Flext then their costs would be reduced as included calls don't need to be itemised. (Interestingly, if you have a non itemised bill but have online account access, the online account is itemised - wonder if this will change?).

Not impressed with delivery reports charge. Text messages have gone up 20% (that should factor in any charge for delivery reports). I remember when text messages were just 4p! If 100 million text messages are sent everyday, surely there are some economies of scale!

Customising the phones is silly. If all phones act the same, you are only buying a phone for it's external cosmetic looks.

Orange seem to be losing it a bit. They have removed key benefits such as Wildfire, Orange Answering Service and the like and raised their prices. I pay a premium for Orange Premier (soon to be Panther) but I can get the same deal for over £30 less each month with T-Mobile. It doesn't make any sense to stay with Orange.

Posted by fatreg

On 2006-03-29 16:49:59, DVS wrote:

Customising the phones is silly. If all phones act the same, you are only buying a phone for it's external cosmetic looks.

soon to be sorted!


Posted by Frubin
My boy-friend finally upgraded yesterday! Got some the same tariff as me and a Nokia N70 for free. Glad he has sorted it now plus it will reduce his phone bill dramatically!

At least he don't need to worry about these new Orange tariffs either untill he upgrades again in 18 months time, but you never know what may Orange changed again by then!

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Posted by fatreg
roll on tomorrow


Posted by DVS
Found details of the new tariffs at The Link:

Not even remotely competitive. Premier (now Panther) is the same except there is now a 400 minute version but all of them still only have 100 text messages. Panther for the person who wants all the extras - extra bills!

Posted by darrengf
Well Im sorry make it easier for people
The new ruddy tarriffs are more complicated than the others

God how many now have you got to choose from

Delivery Reports are 1p

GPRS Bundels are still the same and Photos are
25p up to 50kb
50p up to 100kb

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Posted by amawanqa
Here's a link to their new, special 'web exclusive' deals... and no, they still don't come close to what Flext offers:

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Posted by darrengf
There online Web Exclusive Tarriffs are worse than those last month.

Now when you go out of the bundle you are charged 12 p for sms, 12p for calls used to be 10p and cross network calls hasnt come down in price at all

they are ripping us of.

delivery reports are still 1p even though they dont mention any where on the web.

How convienent.

Posted by fatreg

On 2006-04-01 11:31:24, amawanqa wrote:
Here's a link to their new, special 'web exclusive' deals... and no, they still don't come close to what Flext offers:

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they were never designed to win low end customers, these are not tariffs for people wanting to spend £0 per month and get £6000000 worth of credit for it, Orange didnt go in search of being the cheapest network about, its about quality and not quantity remember?

Need I ask how many of you prefer Coca-Cola to tecso blue and white stripe cola? You get what you pay for in life. its as simple as that.

take for example, a watch, yes a £7.99 thing from Argos will tell the time. as will a £10,000 Rolex. both will tell the time perfectly, both serve a purpose and do the job, just one provides a better, more pleasurable, exclusive, different, special service.

Just think about that, tesco or waitrose?

dont mean to get all hoighty toighty about this, but i hate to see people slate other networks, yes i may be favouralbe towards Orange but those of you that know me will know why. and as you all seem to say, These new animal tariffs come no where near flext!


as for the "silly" name, its YOU, the public that chose animals as a suitable theme, not some nerd sat in an office, Can we get off Orange's back please?



Posted by amawanqa

On 2006-04-02 02:02:52, fatreg wrote:
Orange didnt go in search of being the cheapest network about, its about quality and not quantity remember?

Only from a personal perspective, I have not received a far better service from Orange for me to categorise them as 'quality' over 'T-Mobile or the other networks that I have had contracts etc with. And I'm also not stating that as some sort of lame justification for what has been said before, just what I have experienced.


On 2006-04-02 02:02:52, fatreg wrote:
dont mean to get all hoighty toighty about this,

LOL, that made me think of Inspector Grimm's usual rant, from Rowan Atkinson's 'The Thin Blue Line.'
I'm not taking the mick, it just came to mind as I read it...


On 2006-04-02 02:02:52, fatreg wrote:
as for the "silly" name, its YOU, the public that chose animals as a suitable theme, not some nerd sat in an office,

I couldn't care if 99.9% of Joe Public thought the names for the new tarriffs would be a suitable theme, we're all entitled to our opinions and there are obviously a few here who don't share that notion. (about Orange's thematic tarriff approach. )

One thing I do appreciate is that, for whatever your reasons for championing Orange's cause, we can be mature enough to agree to disagree without being childish or disrespectful.
Yes, we can all get going on a bit of a tangent and have a good rant, but at the end of the day knowledge is power. Let people read the thread, check the links, information and viewpoints, and let them make their own minds up from there.

PS: glad you got your pink T66 avatar wish.

Posted by darrengf
Here Here amawanqa

We all intitled our opinions. At The End of the Day the public will decide, and then and only when If Orange loose a lot more customers then lets see what they change it too next. i would have loved to be asked about new ideas. What about sending a letter/questionare to all of there customers?

Ok Orange have never been the cheapest and yes quality I dont mind paying for.

However charging 1p for delivery reports is something that seems very tight indeed when they have up there sms already to 12 p

Ive been with Orange for 7 years have 2 contracts, 2 payg and have recomended over 100 different people to the network.

Who in deed picked the Animal Names ?? If it was the jo public then fine but who?

Coming in line with all the other networks is fine, No one has a problem with that but standing out from the crowd and being uniqe is what Orange does best but like I said just falling in line with the other networks isnt standing out to be different.

Most people out there care about what they spend and can they get a free phone, how much is it going to cost them and with the Flext system they can see what they get.

The animal Tarrifs are more confusing than ever. Theres more to choose from and the public will just look to go some where else. Flext T offers simplicity.

I know that a couple more of my friends have just swicthed and yes from Orange. I asked them did they have any probs with Orange, No why switch then. Answer, The deal is so much better I got a nice new shiney phone and i can send loads of photos and text instead of paying for the bundles. I said what about on line tarrfis, One of them was well i havnt got internet so didnt know they had them, the other I dont undertstand them.

So you can have a Rolex watch and a £7.99 watch from Argos. But marketing them is something that counts and as for Tescos and waitrose.

Well its Asda and Morrisons for me. lol

So to the Answer, If Orange doesnt market this correct they will do serious damage
So Far Orange have signed up less people than the other networks in new contracts.
not showing that they charge 1p for delivery reports is a tight thing to do and again will damage the reputation with the cusomers when they wonder what all these 1p extra things are. Ok 10 sms is 10p. But 3000sms is an Extra £30

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Posted by fatreg
i do love my pink T66 avatar indeed

and ja im am aware we are entitled to our own opionons, i was just voicing mine!



PS: The futures bright!

Posted by darrengf
Well I just thought id pop down to my local Orange shop in my local shopping center.

This is no joke or lie, but there were 8 staff in the shop and only 2 serving. I was with my mama at the time and her words not mine was thats the first time ive seen the orange shop empty Its always full, i wonder why.

Now my mum is 65 hasnt got a clue about these new animal names, but she knows how to work her phone and i only went in to get a new orange book. However while i was there, 1 woman got up and just said its all too complicated and left, The person that was serving her didnt know what to say!

It speaks volumes

and there is still no mention of the 1p delivery reports? I might keep going on about it but this is the mot thing that has anoyed me What stupididity and tight pinching can they get!!

Posted by fatreg
seen how this mag is bined properly?

and the gloss on the front! what mag did you pick up? 4 diff ones avail, well diff covers


Posted by fatreg

23% of market share, 1st in country, see Orange are doing something right!


Posted by amawanqa
Interesting, but those 2 stats that you've mentioned are from May '05, ie. nearly a year ago.(stipulated in that link.)
Anyone got more recent stats?

Posted by darrengf
If the spent less on binding the magazines then we wouldnt have to pay for the 1 p delivery reports.

And yes i do have one mine has the canary on the front. Very posh indeed.
They are now in rankings as of December 05, 4th out of our 5 networks.

Info gained from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mobile_network_operators

However im not sure if the above info is based on mvo which Orange has none.

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Posted by fatreg
that above link so isnt correct!

Vodafone UK are the largest network in the world with 173million subscribers?

when did you last see 179 million people in the Uk? granted Vodafone as vodagroup may have that many customers, but on the same hand, Orange as Orange group must have nearly the same amount!

as for the other stats, that takes in to acount MVNO's which you rightly state that Orange have none of. and i fail to see how Fresh, Virgin, go, dot, tesco, easy and whoever else can be tacked on to their relevant providers, thats like saying, i buy my phones from CPW but they are nokias so they will go against Nokias figures and not CPWs!

also, all those figures added together, add up to 67.96 Million, there are not that many mobile phone users in the UK.

granted market saturation is very high, but its still a long way off 100%.

We will need to wait until May 06 to see who the biggest network is, as then will be year end!


Posted by Sammy_boy
I think the UK market saturation is above 100% in the UK - there may be some people who don't have a mobile phone of some sort, by many do. I for example, although only having one contract out, also have three pay as you go sims too (for testing other phones etc.)

And there are some here that have 2,3, or even more contracts taken out - there's a GSM map (think the link's somewhere over on SE-NSE) that shows the current state of the markets, and shows the UK's market saturation as being 110% or something like that!

Posted by darrengf
fatreg, The top info is not just for the UK but worldwide. Go down the page and pick the UK

United Kingdom
(as of December 2005)

The country had 67,908,546 subscriptions in total, or a 113.4% penetration rate.

Rank Operator technology Subscribers
(in millions) Ownership
1 T-Mobile UMTS, GSM 17.2 (December 2005) Deutsche Telekom
2 Vodafone UMTS, GSM 16.33 (December 2005) Vodafone
3 O2 UMTS, GSM 15.98 (December 2005) Telefónica 2
4 Orange UMTS, GSM 14.86 (December 2005) France Télécom
5 3 UMTS 3.59 1 Hutchison Whampoa

As you can see from the List Orange is 4th.

Also if you look at the link it shows you all the info for every operator world wide

Have fun

Posted by DVS

On 2006-04-02 02:02:52, fatreg wrote:

Need I ask how many of you prefer Coca-Cola to tecso blue and white stripe cola? You get what you pay for in life. its as simple as that.

Not really a fair comparison. If you are comparing Tesco's cola against Coca-Cola in the T-Mobile vs Orange scenario, then a fairer comparison would be to say that you get 5 bottles of Tesco Cola for less than the price of one bottle of Coca-Cola. That's the difference in value between some of T-Mobile's Flext tariffs and Orange's Animal tariffs. You also assume that in this scenario that people don't like the taste of Tesco's cola and that Coca-Cola must be superior. I think the true difference in this example would be that both colas would taste the same but Coca-Cola is perceived to be better.*

I've been with Orange for 9 years and I know that they are simply not competitive at this time. I believe that the main networks offer a comparable service as far as technology and coverage and therefore it's down to customer service and price for me. Orange has a reputation for being excellent at customer service but in my experience that hasn't always been the case. I think Orange is a great brand and a great network but I don't believe that they are that superior that I should stay with them paying higher costs.

My contract on Orange is almost over. I am on Orange Premier 600 - I pay £55 a month and I get 600 minutes and a 100 texts plus free insurance. On T-Mobile Flext I can get 600 minutes, 600 texts for £26.25. I don't need insurance as I have free cover with my bank but even if you add the £6 charge I would still only be paying £32.25. My bill on T-Mobile is very rarely going to be more than £30 whereas on Orange I usually pay around £65 when you add photo messages etc.

I understand that Orange is looking for the premium paying customer but I am not sure that they will continue to be successful if they don't compete on price. I know several people who have recently move to T-Mobile after years of being with Orange. Time will tell...

* For the record I am not saying that Tesco Cola is better than Coca-Cola! That's down to personal preference!

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Posted by darrengf
Yes Orange Customer service is good, but I think thats slipped alot recently.

I have spoke to the retention department my self and to be honest the guy that answered the phone at the other just sighed and sounded completely p***ed of.
Not good for customer relations.

Ive been with Orange 7 Years ad I average a bill of about 45-50 pound on one contract and 20 pound on the other, But again with T-mobile i can cut my cost in half.

I dont mind paying for quality at a fare price though.

Posted by darrengf
Want more proof that people dont like these new Tarriffs.
Oh an we are changin the name to the Teletubbie Tarriffs.

Well you have Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po, So thats Contract Tarrifs sorted

and for Pay as you go you can have Noo Noo.

And they all lived in a futurstic house !! or a Futurist Orange world ??

Any way heres the latest on those luvly jubly Tarriffs.

"" Vodafone and Orange won’t follow the other operators in slashing their prices to compete with the mounting threat of T-Mobile’s Flext.

Contrary to rumours that new consumer tariffs would be launched, Vodafone held back from rolling out new deals this month. A spokesman for the operator said: ‘While we continue to explore ways of growing our dealer business, we won’t do it simply by trying to outbid the other networks.’ Vodafone is understood to be planning an updated range of deals and commissions for later this year.

Orange is hoping its animal packages will attract customers without the need for bundling more value. Orange’s head of multiple retail, Simon Wetton, said: ‘Flext has been successful and has taken a big share, but we’re trying to make things simple for the consumer. We won’t just offer up-front value but a wider range of products and services.’ However, the operator is currently offering 50% extra minutes and texts to customers who sign up online.

This week’s Mobile tariff tracker sees T-Mobile take the majority of connections through all indirect high street outlets. Meanwhile, Vodafone is nowhere to be seen and only one Orange tariff has made it into the top 20.
3 and O2 have both chosen to tackle T-Mobile by slashing prices and adding double minute and text offers to its deals ""


Posted by amawanqa
Gonna be interesting to see how the networks' market share and stats have fluctuated by May, when the outgoing 05-06 financial years' figures become available...

Posted by darrengf
Yes me too. Orange dont seem to care thats the problem, They are hoping that cusotmer stay with them for the name and stay loyal to the network.

But customer have started to leave big time, The other networks have relised it.

Well Voda havnt, but they never do and Orange seem to have this problem now?

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Posted by darrengf
more proof that customer dont like these new Tarrifs

Andrew Boden, MD at Orange solus distributor Mainline, said the tariffs were better value than those previously offered, but he had seen a drop in new connection sales of around 30%. 'Sales are down in April. I attribute that to dealers familiarising themselves with the new tariffs and the competition from Flext.'

So when are they going to give on on them.

People dont like them, dealers dont like them and charging 1p for delivery reports and not telling people is even worse

Oh and Orange are still saying that they are better value. "" There not Better Value, There Rubbish, and more confusing.


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Posted by amawanqa
The local Orange Shop manager at the Gallions Reach Shopping Centre admitted that they had been hit very hard by customers migrating to the Flext tariffs, and that they simply could not compete with what Flext currently offers.
However, his 'defence' was that he predicts that T-Mobile will not be offering Flext to new customers for many more months on end, and that they (Orange) should see things improve significantly after this.
Now then, I'd love to see what T-Mobile's reaction would be to this prediction.

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