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What is linux swap partition ?

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Posted by luvsanro
I am preparing for installatin of red hat linux. I m creatin a partition [Ext3] using partition magic but it is askin bout a swap partition ? Dnt know wat is the purpose of that ? Plz tel

Posted by Cycovision
The swap partition is the portion of the hard drive that linux uses as virtual memory when it runs out of physical memory. It's similar to the windows swap file only instead of using an actual file, linux uses a partition on the hard drive instead.

The partition size should typically be twice as much as the amount of memory that your computer has. So, for example, if your computer has 512Mb of ram, you should create a swap partition of at least 1024Mb.

Posted by sailaab
Dunno about Linux per se.. But a Swap Partition (Or Swap File) is some kinda Rescue mechanism an OS has. Basically a 'swap' area is not available for user. In times one needs an emergency Repair/ Format- this dud space gets used. If one has lavish disk space- keep it at 10% (otherwise 5%) of formatted disk capacity. However, I've also seen Swap area of just 500Mbytes. Sorry, not much help. But Google for 'swap file' & loads of it would be there..

Posted by Cycovision

You're thinking of a recovery partition, not a swap partiton / file

The swap file / partition is used when the OS runs out of RAM memory. It starts using the hard drive as memory instead until RAM memory is freed up again.

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Posted by Johnex
Cyco is right, it is a virtual memory partition.

Posted by sailaab
Tsch Tsch ! I slept too much this afternoon. @Cyco- You are right.. Whatever a drowsy man can do ! Guess I got too mixed up.

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