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Posted by jenbones
Demon Dealers



Demon Dealers is a brand new mobile phone online shop website. We have some very competetive prices online at the moment, so take your chance and snap at it!! We are aiming high at Demondealers.co.uk so we have put together an offer...
Every esato member is entitaled to 10 cashback off a mobile phone purchase (contract mobiles, 25+)*.

Steps to get your 10 cashback:
1. Buy phone and pay for it
2. Email us your esato username**
3. We will Pm you a 9 - digit code via esato
4. You copy and paste the code and email it back to us CORRECT the first time
5. We will issue you with 10 via PayPal or Cash Delivery (not held responsable for losses)

Can you help?
If YOU can help at demondealers.co.uk e.g. html designing, general ideas, then please get in touch via Pm on here, or email ben_jones_rules@msn.com. We will be extremely greatful for your ideas.

Feedback is entirely welcome, please post in the 'site feedback' on the demon dealers site board, Pm me or Dude_se or email: ben_jones_rules@msn.com


* 25 basic rate (not including offers for 1.99 line rental for 6 months etc...etc...)

** Email to ben_jones_rules@msn.com

Any Queries or questions about the contracts, details, payment etc...etc... enquire at my email or dude_se's email, or Pm one of us

Demon Dealers Team
(a.k.a. me and dude_se )

jenbones (formerly jonesy789) (+18, -0)

Demon Dealers - 10 off!!

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Posted by joebmc
Aint this the same as amnesia's Fluid Mobile?

Posted by jenbones
We operate the same deals, but different websites, with different schemes...they are very similar, the only difference price-wise is the personal deals we offer such as amnesias moto rokr for every 15th customer i think it is, mine being a guarenteed 10 off contracts (25+)

Posted by jenbones
New layout...

phones inc. pink v3, w550i, Nokia N70...

Posted by jenbones
Some new stuff included now

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