Free themes for Sony Ericsson T68i, T30x, T310, T23x series

Install these free themes by visiting our WAP site at the location or download the theme to your PC and transfer them to your phone with Bluetooth, cable or infrared.
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Click the download link to download one of the themes to your PC. Then transfer them to your phone using IrDA, Bluetooth or a cable. You can also visit our WAP page a and download the themes from there. If you are using Internet Explorer as your net browser, you should be able to preview the themes by clicking on the theme name. These themes are for the TT68i, T300, T306, T310, T312, T316, T226, T230 and T238 models.
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Preview Size Download Date
Kerrigan18.0 KbDownload2006/10/02
Rocky7.0 KbDownload2006/03/11
Shohoku9.0 KbDownload2006/03/03
Renegade7.0 KbDownload2006/01/02
frog7.0 KbDownload2005/09/21
Sun6.5 KbDownload2004/06/15
Hemp15.5 KbDownload2004/06/14
Anime7.0 KbDownload2004/06/03
Speedo6.5 KbDownload2004/06/03
Noodles6.5 KbDownload2004/06/03
Fenerbahce19.0 KbDownload2003/12/04
X215.5 KbDownload2002/12/03
Greenpeace7.0 KbDownload2002/12/02
Island6.5 KbDownload2002/12/01
Lips7.0 KbDownload2002/11/22
T68m Grey7.0 KbDownload2002/11/13
Green Guitar13.5 KbDownload2002/11/12
Liverpool7.0 KbDownload2002/11/11
Ryu6.5 KbDownload2002/11/09
Christmas10.0 KbDownload2002/11/08

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