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Sony Ericsson Hazel J20
ModelSony Ericsson Cedar J108i
Form factorBlock
Weight84 gram
Dimensions (HxWxD) 111 x 49 x 15.5mm
Operating SystemOther
Networks2G - 850/900/1800/1900
3G - 2100
LTE (4G light)No
WLAN / Wi-FiNo
Wi-Fi HotspotNo
Wi-Fi DirectNo
SMS/MMS/Email Yes/Yes/Yes
HDMI outNo
USB portYes
Bluetooth versionNA
GPS/Glonass No/No
3.5 mm audio connectorYes
CameraYesExample photos
Camera resolution2 megapixel, 4x digital zoom, geo-tagging
Image StabilizationNo
BSI sensorNo
Camera Flash/LightNo
Flash typeNA
Video recordingYes
Video capture resolutionNA
Second CameraNA
Display size2.2 inches
Colour displayYes
Number of colours262,144
Display resolution (WxH) 240 x 320 pixels
Second DisplayNA
Memory280 MB. Expandable up to 16 GB with microSD card
Micro SIMNo
Dual SIMNo
Ringtones / Music file formatMP3
FM RadioYes
Power management
Battery1000 mAh
Standby time (h)420
Talktime (m)750
Wireless ChargingNo
Browser2.0 XHTML, HTML. Access NetFront browser
Predictive textYes
RSS readerNo
PC SynchronizationYes
Price history
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NA = Not Applicable. No data available
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On 29 May 2015 oywonhassan wrote
how to active video call pls reply me email:
On 2 Apr 2015 prashant wrote
On 22 Oct 2014 rafi wrote
while i am charging the battery i am getting the message "please insert sony ericsson original battery" please provide solution
On 6 Feb 2014 jade wrote
when i turn it on its all white..

can still be fix
On 2 Aug 2013 kishore wrote
how can download the themes
On 4 Apr 2013 wanigarathnasohan wrote
i have one of this phone.when i on my phone that display is fully white
On 26 Jan 2013 prakashnamakkal wrote
how to active video call pls reply me
On 1 Jan 2013 vinay wrote
very bad
On 16 Nov 2012 farid wrote
why sony j108i flash ic perishable??
On 17 Sep 2012 bala wrote
sound s very very low
On 25 Aug 2012 raj wrote
i have lost my earphon of cedar . where i can purchase my earphone
On 3 Aug 2012 Meow wrote
I've been using it for like 4 years. No problem at all. Except for the fact that the sound iis not so loud. but, overall, its a great phone
On 26 Jul 2012 lakshmi wrote
The sound while on call us not so good. Even when the volume is set to high, its of no use. Other than volume on call, the phone is good to use by all means.
On 25 Jul 2012 Nickata wrote
how to some contacts be unavailable on sony ericsson j108i
On 16 Apr 2012 dhanuka wrote
cooolll iu lake P.H...
On 2 Apr 2012 SaravananSelvaraj wrote
i am using this phone last 1 year not bad, my last phone was w810i that was walkman series. compare to that ceder sound is not good, but the camera resulation is good, and battery is also good. there is problem in head set jak, whan i removed 3.5 pin than also showing head set symbol.
On 19 Mar 2012 Hardeepsingh wrote
i like this phone, but problem is that battery back is very low & other i want to know about video calling how to make its not working otherwise very good.
On 12 Mar 2012 Kiran wrote
Worst phone in the world compare nokia basic model is very good SE is Sukkkkkssssss......
On 10 Mar 2012 saiteja wrote
net is so fast,and also down loads are also getting fast,but low battery life and low out put sound ,any way its a nice phone
On 2 Mar 2012 arun wrote
totaly waste
On 1 Mar 2012 Naveenchowdary wrote
themes for sonyericsson cedar j108i goto
On 29 Feb 2012 drsraghunathan wrote
My battery charge is not withstanding not even 2-3 hours. Where i can buy original battery and what specificatin for cedar j10i sony ericsson please communicate your reply to
On 12 Feb 2012 ria wrote
pls tell me how to do video calling?
On 7 Feb 2012 Rafael wrote
I have the cedar two weeks ago

When I'm in a call for more than 3 or 4 minutes, the call is hang automatically.

With my old nokia that never happened.

Don´t buy this cellphone


TEngo el cedar hace dos semanas y la verdad que tiene problemas, las llamadas se cortan pasados los 3 o 4 minutos.

con mi antiguos nokias y otras marcas nunca me paso esto.

NO lo compren.
On 6 Feb 2012 Unknown wrote
Like this phone, works well for me, no problem at all
On 6 Jan 2012 Nirmal wrote
Very bad
On 30 Dec 2011 lala wrote
I cannot unlock it.what can I do.mostly its server remains down.reply me at
On 28 Dec 2011 karthik wrote
very bad phone
On 26 Dec 2011 UBaKyi wrote
It is working as one normal mobile hand set and deserved in its fair price.
On 16 Dec 2011 varun wrote
before that u have to download settings what is ur network
On 28 Nov 2011 vishal wrote
in this mobile other sony models mobile theme are supported
then what i can do
please give me answer on my email ID
On 22 Nov 2011 ChandanSinghRawat wrote
Is phone mai web Sine Exit Nahi Hota Hai Kya
Please Give Me Satting Mail
This Email Id:
Chandan Singh Rawat.
On 21 Nov 2011 kalai wrote
nice but voice recording not working
On 20 Nov 2011 Vishal wrote
sound very low
On 16 Nov 2011 spyke wrote
can someone tell me the price of the lcd itself? cause my lcd is broken how much is it?
On 10 Nov 2011 Johny wrote
Can anyone suggest if this phone is good for good quality voice recording? If so, how much space I can use for voice recording? Thanks in advance.
Its a nice mobile phone d its very good functionality in this phone...........
On 6 Nov 2011 Parita wrote
Can we install watsapp in this phone?!
On 25 Oct 2011 Karan wrote
can someone tell me how many msges can be stored in inbox???
as in....does it have a msg capacity like 500- 1000 or its jus kinda unlimited???
On 25 Oct 2011 alokkumarsingh wrote
what is rate of sony ericssion j108i
On 24 Oct 2011 magilas wrote
for the themes, go to ! i hope it will help tnx...
On 23 Oct 2011 venky wrote
output speaker is tooo low
On 22 Oct 2011 subhashbalakrishan wrote
pls suggest in this phone online video does not play ( Video was interrupted. please restart the Video) this type of massage always shows. When i go for play the video
On 21 Oct 2011 ik wrote
its a good phone
On 21 Oct 2011 kazuki wrote
how to make the mms working , please help by emailing me at
On 19 Oct 2011 Karan wrote
can someone tell me how many msges can be stored in inbox???
as in....does it have a msg capacity like 500- 1000 or its jus kinda unlimited???
On 12 Oct 2011 Lalruatsanga wrote
I'ts great i love it make my life simple
On 29 Sep 2011 mani wrote
i haven't used this type of mobile having simply superb specifications but it is the mokkai mobile. Dear friends , my honourable request is please dont buy this model..
On 22 Sep 2011 ashwini wrote
changla phone
On 19 Sep 2011 eja wrote
eja nak minta tolong ajar padam NOMBOR dekat mesej,...HMMM, macam mana?? sebab banyak nombor dekat mesej .. tapi eja bukan nak suruh ajar padam mesej tau,,TOLONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ TENSION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On 15 Sep 2011 dattapuro wrote
battery backup is very low
On 15 Sep 2011 wnn wrote
very good & nice phone.but battary life is low.i am all so took this internet good sound.
On 5 Sep 2011 sal wrote
it's an awsome 4n.. but battery sucks..
On 3 Sep 2011 venkatesh wrote
phone fatures are ver nice
On 2 Sep 2011 surya wrote
i bought this mobile 2 days bfore its battery backup is very low...... its consuming a hug percent battery i did evrychange that i can 2 reduce battery consumption bt no use.......... can any 1 suggest me abt dis problm plz..???
On 28 Aug 2011 ramakrishnan wrote
its a nice phone but not a st., speaker or radio
its features are too good where no other phone with this price will fulfill.Its geotags feature is also good.
On 24 Aug 2011 bhayya wrote
output speaker is low
On 23 Aug 2011 palanikumar wrote
nice phone low price high specifications internet super fast video quality superb but media player volume is very low, mostly sonyericcson mobiles good media player but cedar j108 is not fill that place (someone comment u want sound buy korean mobile) we are want good sound not street speakers.ok..
On 15 Aug 2011 rjlupet wrote
dumb peolpe say its crap because of its low volume and more..tell you what buy a radio instead of cellphones A-holes!
On 14 Aug 2011 ranjith wrote
its a great phone but i cant able to download themes to it
On 3 Aug 2011 Akash wrote
Hey Guys..i jst bought this cell phone.. and i'm not able to download the internet settings... when i call my customer care they say this phone is not GPRS enabled....Pls Answer???????
On 1 Aug 2011 re wrote
a ja mam pytanie bo plik flash9 usuunałem niechcacy moze jakis w wersji jar bdzie flash9 dokladnie
On 1 Aug 2011 Afifah wrote
This is an awesome no nonsense phone. Battery life is great, if used mildly, mine can last up to 5 days (useful when camping). Sure it doesn't have the best sound but it's not made to function like that. If you want great audio buy an mp3 player. I've been using mine for 6 months and have no complaints. If you want a reasonably cheap phone with features that you would not otherwise get for other phones with similar price (e.g: 3G, internet, FM radio, 3.5mm audio jack) this phone is the phone for you! I especially like its keypads. Very sturdy and very comfortable to use. And considering it's Sony (who loves its customised audio jack), its 3.5mm audio jack is also super useful.
*This is NOT a high end phone. If you're not using the phone for the MAIN BASIC functions of a phone, then I would suggest you look elsewhere.
On 31 Jul 2011 rocker wrote
all commens on sound r true, but others not full truth,
On 31 Jul 2011 sushant wrote
Friends u want fast of internet download uc browser it is very fast on this phone I like this phone features are very good main feature is minimise app
On 28 Jul 2011 uditha89 wrote
i can't set themes this mobile... (themes are not Match)
plz...any one give me answer tis trouble...
On 24 Jul 2011 Deepakkumar wrote
On 18 Jul 2011 vinay wrote
volume is very very bad nd nice phone
On 12 Jul 2011 sunil wrote
bekar phone
On 10 Jul 2011 sathish wrote
Hi guys... i saw all comments most of them r mentioned low volume sound only.. who need more volume go and buy korean mobiles... okay
and i like this 4n style and also future words.. battery back good in this mobile.. picture charity superb.. i like all features in this mobile..
On 7 Jul 2011 GHJ wrote
On 5 Jul 2011 SenthilvelP wrote
I am using this phone from past 1 month. it seems it's good phone. which is having all the basic option of sony ericsson and also new good option such as gadget, 3G. Internet speed also good. But i agree that media player sound quality is not good. Still u can have the video call having mirror in your front. totally it's a cost effective phone.
On 28 Jun 2011 manulalsharma wrote
this is very bad cell phone because .It is working very slow.
On 23 Jun 2011 kunu wrote
why this phone is getting hang. and operating system is very slow.
On 22 Jun 2011 sudarshanjohncena wrote
features are very good...but sound output is little low..nice to use, some errors, some good features...ok...ur's wish..but like it........
On 13 Jun 2011 lucky wrote
no 3g cam
On 8 Jun 2011 Nilushakumara wrote
my 4n is connect to the ineternet 3g icon was turnt 2 H icon why??
On 3 Jun 2011 srujith wrote
volume in music player is very low
On 3 Jun 2011 karthick wrote
all futures is ok but you tube is not working .so not a best phone
On 28 May 2011 lakshman wrote
it is nice phone having gr8 features...but sum people r saying it is nt 3G phone nd internet is working vry slowly...but in my cedar phone net is working vry fastly...3G wil b depend on mobile network..mine is airtel 3G...plz cal 2 ur custmore care nd activate 3G 2 ur mobile network nd dnt blame on dis phone
On 24 May 2011 Sameera wrote
There is no other phone in this price range with these specs. All those people who blame to this phone are foolish. Most of them don't know how to configure correct settings. I saw some one comment youtube won't work. but it is work for me without problem. Quality is low. It is acceptable at this price range phone. If I want good quality videos, I go for an apple iphone or samsung galaxy s.
On 24 May 2011 prantik wrote
battery quality is very bad & the internet also but features are good. if battery quality is bad then how we use the features? dont purchase the phone
On 23 May 2011 amit wrote
bahot he ganda phone lee kar pachta raha hoo yr
plz koi or mat lena aasa phone plz.
On 23 May 2011 kedarkarnataka wrote
not SATISFIED wit the CEDAR phone .Slow output sound
On 16 May 2011 khehra wrote
stylish body
On 12 May 2011 Amina wrote
i have just but...let me see n thn finalize how ths cell fone...
On 12 May 2011 ruddboy wrote
nice......if you compromise with limited themes......nothng else...........really superb.....
On 8 May 2011 jgajga wrote
Even it has some problems I don't think it is a bad 4n.You can find themes in and this site.
On 1 May 2011 suchitakumari wrote
Faltu bakwaas,, and wahiyat,, dont purchase this model,,, ab jhelna muskil ho gaya hai is cell phone ko,,, bcoz,, its picture quality is too bad, low speaker volume range....and 1st of all battery backup 12 hrs only,, and sony eric. services centere are not providing good service....
Please Please Please,,,, dont waster your money to purchase this mobile....
On 17 Apr 2011 shivam wrote
umm, good phone, not amazing but youtube comes up w/ error: pls restart. what do i do?
On 5 Apr 2011 Ashish wrote
Youtube not work on this dump phone, net speed is too slow, I can't understand how sony people say that this is 3G mobile. I think this is comp. dump phone rejected from all over the world after which sony is now sailing it in india.
On 2 Apr 2011 Mark wrote
Rubbish phone in the world, they should discontinue this peice of crap.

The phone so easy to lose or drop, has it feels like your holding a bar of soap, the videocam calling rubbish as the camera is on the other side of the phone, but no where near the screen, HOW THE HELL ARE SUPPOSE TO LOOK AT THE PERSON YOUR FRIGGING TALKING TO???????

It does some weird things some times, like lights on for 2 seconds, then lights out, then light goes on for 2 seconds and it keeps repeating this.

The video recording is crap, it's blury and freezes frame, the still picture is also crap, you really need to stand still in order to get a good picture, there is no flash.

It has an email feature as well, I went onto this option for my aol, I now have to put up with going to my phone and end up having my email in front of me all the friggin time, even after closing the application.

As for messenging, the feature for changing fonts from captial to small is crap and the autospelling, well, who ever design the dictionary, forgot so many words to add.

Another thing about he messages, if someone sends you a txt, and you don't hear it, the txt just stays on your main screen for a while, then disapears, when you go to your phone, you don't see it, you only notice the little envolpe on the top, it's like dispears from the screen, reading it is just worse, it doesn't always popup to read, you go to messenging, then messages, then inbox, then to the message, it's just annoying.

As for internet surfing, not all the webpages will come up, it keeps on coming up error, and it's SLOW.
On 15 Mar 2011 pankaj wrote
sound slow
On 11 Mar 2011 dt0768gmailcom wrote
i lost all my any body help me plz send to my mail
On 9 Mar 2011 kiran wrote
i lost all my any body help me plz send to my mail.
On 8 Mar 2011 pratheesh wrote
I like it because its features are very good.
On 3 Mar 2011 jsysnt wrote
I lick cedar phone unfourtunately I am not getting internate my telephone MTNL mumbai. can anybody help me?
On 23 Feb 2011 edollode wrote
I had problems with my sony ericsson cedar and so I lost all my themes.
Would someone set the themes on his computer (goes perfectly with Bluetooth) and send it to

On 19 Feb 2011 Pras wrote
I Like this phone
On 20 Jan 2011 nasrulla wrote
not bad
On 18 Jan 2011 pendrak wrote
where can i download themes ?
On 17 Jan 2011 kmhanley wrote
nice phone, love it, but have no many themes to choose...
On 7 Jan 2011 jitmondal wrote
its a very nice phone,, i like it
On 12 Dec 2010 laffen wrote
You are right. It is a 262,144 TFT display on this model. I have updated the specifications

On 12 Dec 2010 Jerv wrote
i think the colors of this phone is 262,144 TFT right?
not 16,777,216....
On 22 Nov 2010 faris wrote
no many theme

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