Apple to announce iPhone in January?

17 September 2006 by axxxr
The new rumour has it that the iPhone is slated to be announced this coming January at the MacWorld Expo.

The new report via Think Secret, claims that due to all sorts of technological setbacks, Apple has had to scale back its ambitious plans to redesign the mobile phone from the ground up and will instead use several "off-the-shelf" parts to create the first of a series of two or three new Apple-branded phone models.Rumor has it the soon-to-be-released phone will have a 2.2-inch screen and a 3-megapixel camera aswell as the obvious itunes integration.source:scifi

As to what the actual design of the phone will be,well lets just say i'll leave that one to your imagination and the countless photoshop images on google like this one below.


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On 20 Sep 09:50 HOLLAND wrote
the new I-flop-phone
it's not going to work; shure ppl enjoy having music in their phone.
but ít doesn't match ipod's functionality
On 18 Sep 18:10 Xugaa wrote
As already said, ITS A PHOTO SHOP!

Sorry to any excited people... :P
On 18 Sep 12:32 Duxxyuk wrote
SE have got there already with their walkman app. SE only need to add their scroll wheel to the side of on of their phones and the apple phone will be no better.
On 17 Sep 23:39 awave wrote
aye ok then....i was wondering why it looked a bit like a w900 aswell....

-|- awave
On 17 Sep 21:30 SloopJohnB wrote
Its not very similar, IT IS SE´s interface. Thats a photoshopped picture people.
On 17 Sep 21:23 Leo73 wrote
I agree, the gui is very very similar to the se's one.
On 17 Sep 20:19 awave wrote
is it me, or is that gui on the 'iphone' actually the same as se's gui?

-|- awave
On 17 Sep 17:16 Xugaa wrote
Erm... nah.

And don't even think about trying to enter the gaming market!
On 17 Sep 13:51 LEVO75 wrote
am i the only one who notices thats a se menu on the screen on the right?
On 17 Sep 12:05 qwerty12 wrote
Lol that is what I was thinking dumbrella
On 17 Sep 09:09 SloopJohnB wrote
Almost every site about apple´s rumours talks about the iphone, showing clear evidences that it is in fact going to be released. What makes u think there wont be an ipod phone? Perhaps because it wil be an iphone, totally new product, instead of a cell ipod version?
On 17 Sep 07:47 007 wrote
Far as i know no ipod phone...
On 17 Sep 05:43 SloopJohnB wrote
I am looking forward to the iphone!!! The article didnt say that it is also going to be a smartphone with pda functions (Symbian OS or Newton OS, how knows?), since it is being developed buy apple together with a japonese company that makes palms and smartphones. I cant wait ;)
On 17 Sep 05:36 dumbrella wrote
hahaha gotta love the hopeful photoshoppers... :/

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