500,000 iPhones Sold over the Weekend

2 July 2007 by axxxr
Apple sold around half a million iPhones the first weekend the device went on sale, one analyst firm has estimated.

Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster released a report Sunday night estimating that Apple sold about 500,000 units from 6 p.m. Friday through the close of business Sunday. Going into the weekend Munster thought Apple would sell 200,000 on Friday and Saturday.

Despite low supply at AT&T stores and activation issues, it appears that the iPhone era at Apple got off to a good start. Piper Jaffray said Apple had iPhones available in each one of its stores on Saturday, and in 84 percent of its stores Sunday.

Ninety-five percent of iPhone buyers in San Francisco, New York and Minneapolis (home to Piper Jaffray's offices) purchased the 8GB model, according to a survey conducted by the firm. About half were new customers for AT&T, at least among the 253 people surveyed for the report. photo:reuters



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On 4 Jul 06:47 clauf wrote
Reply to Miguel:

Well marketing is obviously not everything! But Marketing is a lot! Do u think that without that much marketing, apple would get to this stage? You know I am an Apple FAN but I know their capabilities. And I can tell you that Apple has the capability to using the media as their advantage: attracting 500 000 consumers to purchase this product. They also showcased in a way in which we did not see ANY flaws in the phone, until the very end. Well many consumers would not even CARE because they made up their mind during that period of time in which we did not see any flaws. Nothing will change their minds. It is a classical marketing technique in which Apple is famous for now.
On 4 Jul 06:44 UDUMIE wrote
you're the one who's the dummy dale. SE will no longer give support to the p990. no more software upgrades and it still has bugs got that you PC lover.
On 4 Jul 00:32 thedumbamerican wrote
So Miguel, after that unplesant experience what you intend to do? Buy a SE,Samsung,Nokia, PocketPC maybe a Blackberry,Palm or replace your iPhone? There are all the same...
On 3 Jul 21:22 atilathehunch wrote
well there we have it another complaint about the screen sensor. and nobody said marketing was the only tool to be used for iphone success, its just that people prove to be easily persuaded by claims and lots of clever advertising. 500,000 people arent idiots, they are just excited over a new product,after all it has some good features other brands havent incorperated, and its quite a good looking thing as well.
On 3 Jul 20:44 Miguel wrote
i am one of the 500,000 idiot that buy this crab i was waiting for hours and my phone have problems with screen sensor
On 3 Jul 20:15 thedumbamercan wrote
So, "marketing is the only tool that apple use for iPhone success"...right?... I cannot agree with that. Every other manufacturer have the same tools in their own got to be something else...Yeah, right, 500000 are idiots...
On 3 Jul 18:47 clauf wrote
continuing on my post: it is also funny how many of you bought into their marketing scheme
On 3 Jul 12:54 Dale wrote
mac products are for dummies, why settle for that crap! just get the P990 :D
On 3 Jul 10:04 diz wrote
apple was the only company that made a mobile right. i have tinkered with the iphone and that will be my next phone. i am currently not happy with my w850i and i can say that its no match when it comes ti the iphone. its got a mac software thats why its better than SE UI.
On 3 Jul 09:52 Hs wrote
USA.......morons tbh :)
On 3 Jul 08:50 craig wrote
have a look of this and then see what you think of the mighty apple
On 3 Jul 04:55 drgopoos wrote
Apple does things knowing the limitations...they released a featureless phone, but still its big hit!!! REASON they succeeded in making it look good.. The UI is so catchy, everyone want to try that out.

If you are a p series user you can do the same thing with your fingers, just that have to be more precises in touching the screen...

Other than that there is nothing special about this handset....

This handset is meant for people who wants to make calls and may be listen to music...
On 3 Jul 00:38 Jonathan wrote
hey gays I HAVE THE IPHONE!, is great but im sad becouse I have a big problem. The screan sometimes it get stuck, the sensor sometimes dont work and in calls when i call the next day I buy it dosent worked the microphone have problems and my dad can hear me in the call. I will change it for other but I am very disapointed dont get the same mistake, I think the p990 that you say bad things have better comunication than this precius apple phone
On 3 Jul 00:28 Pope wrote
the P990 programming software is in a ROM and this rom is full with last update I think it is becuse is now strong and it dont need more support thats what SE stop update. the SEUS gets phones more strong with updates and I think that M600 and my P990 are now obsolet every phone is obsolet in a month. thats why I will not buy any expencive phone anymore even the Iphone or the new W960 that is more better than iphone in all camera.... APPLE AND SE are the best in all but in sales apple rules even we dont have seen the problems with their phones like all companies like nokia, se, motorola.... all have problems in software or harware or their antenas we have to see results before buying a new phone
On 2 Jul 23:23 Chris wrote

I am a big fan of the SE, but since their PDAs getting worst and worst, I will have to find a better brand and I believe it is going to be the IPhone. I hate really hate apple and every product what they make (that is MY peronal opinion!), but the I Phone is something what I really wanna have. So... Well done Apple and keep it up. :)
On 2 Jul 22:39 atilathehunch wrote
another factor that clauf touches on is future products. there will always be models that will improve on the iphone. think about it, touchscreens and music software are not new ventures for production technology, nor is 3G (another reassurance that brand name sells!). this can always be done better and there will always be breakthrough tecknologies that will wow the consumers.Whether the iphones reign will be shortlived or not, it is certain that there will be rivals for it and newer concepts.
On 2 Jul 22:23 clauf wrote
one of the reasons apple is doing so well is MARKETING, one of the best companies for this, like what atilathehunch has said. First, they previewed this product last year, but there was SOO MUCH hype about Apple producing an iPhone since 2000. After the release, they have been giving hints of the development of the phone here and there. Finally, releasing everything about the product right at the end.

If a company has the right POSITIVE ties with the media, chemistry occurs, and people will purchase a product. This is what Apple has been doing with their handheld products for the longest time, like iPod and now iPhone. This is what Microsoft lacks, especially with the Zune [which failed miserably].

This is what other cell phone companies also lack. But it's not very easy to do this since many of our cell phone companies are international. Apple is international, but most of their efforts are still concentrated in United States, as the iPhone is only available in the US right now. Nokia, Sony Ericsson [except Japan phones], Samsung [except Korea], and LG [except Korea] all have phones released in most of the world.

As I said earlier, positive ties with the media produces chemistry. This is one of the many results that Apple produced with their chemical formula.

Only time will tell if this product can last [which I'm sure it would though]. Oh well, new competition always increases development with other cell phone companies. I don't really think we should completely compare Sony Ericsson or Nokia to "open their eyes" because we really don't know what they have hiding behind their sleves.
On 2 Jul 18:52 atilathehunch wrote
people will follow a marketing excersise like sheep. i do not have a perticularly bitter cynical opinion of apple or the iphone, but irrelevant of peoples' varying opinions the point really to be seen is that if you have the right brand name and the means to start a rumour about the release of a product ( then shout about it for a while) people will buy like crazy upon release.
On 2 Jul 18:07 Ranjith wrote
i dont think if SE or NOKIA or any other manufacturer made the same thing,the sales would reach this high!
its jst coz of the "i".APPLE is a good co. so ppl with loads of money are jst eager to use it and are exited!!

On 2 Jul 17:38 Soso wrote
Apple rulez because of the way they sell things.
SE sucks because of P990 support being stopped.
On 2 Jul 16:44 JustJ wrote
I can't help but find it funny that nobody realized if that touch sensor on the phone breaks or you drop it, its useless. Busted my touch sensor on my treo 650 but my phone still has a keypad that works. I can still make a phone call. This will be the Iphones deathnell!

On 2 Jul 16:35 SloopJohnB wrote
On 2 Jul 16:19 obakesan wrote
Early days yet wait a while for things to settle and when people are using their device daily to see what results happen. Is it still that ok, is it "meh", will people be taking it back? The interface is great, and dont get me wrong, I would love to have an iPhone minus the phone to put it back as the true widescreen iPod this should have been. It will be interesting to see how people's 2 year affair with AT&T pans out and what the future brings.

Personally, I think the iPod is locked down too much to the maker and service provider. You can't put your own ringtones on it, you can't transfer files or stream stereo sound using the BT module, the camera has no options (just click picture), you need service and activation to use even the iPod features, etc, otherwise it is just an iBrick according to people who could not activate the device until some 24 or so hours later.

The whole "i" thing is iTiring to me anyway.... iZiZiZiZiZiZiZiZ
On 2 Jul 15:22 ibinco wrote
Well, well... congratulations apple! This comes to show you that apple knows how to market their products very well. Iphone is still in my eyes very much innovative and like in the Mac OS case...the iphones user interface will prove to be stable and reliable. And i know for a fact that most SE cant exactly say that. (p990i M600i etc)
On 2 Jul 14:46 bihi wrote
SE....take a goooooooooood look at this picture......customers are not you think................Stoping p990 support is your death....WELL DONE APPLE!!
On 2 Jul 14:42 miguelandre82 wrote
Apple was very clever by make all this noise around the iphone... People not very informed will buy it thinking its all good and the best thing on the market
On 2 Jul 14:41 vincebio wrote
you just cannot see that picture with a SE logo on it can you?...

Open your eyes SE, this is how you sell a product....make it work before you release it!
On 2 Jul 14:32 PopLover wrote

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