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Author Don't you think things are developping to fast?
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From: Oslo Norway
Posted: 2002-04-08 12:30
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Interesting topic! I think that a good thing about the very fast development is that technology gets cheaper all the time. I hope and belive that this will do wonders for education and progress in the underdeveloped countries. Furthermore, it's a good thing to tie the whole world together in www, as information is avaliable to more and more people (it's pretty easy to access the web today, even if some gouvernments try to ban it )
The faster technology delvelops, the faster everything else, like medicine / nano-tech develops, too. There are dangers, of course, but since there's no way of stopping it let's do our part as to make technology mans friend, and not it's enemy.
Feel free to disagree Peace
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Posted: 2002-04-08 20:42
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@bjambean: Interesting point of view, but don't you think that there are of course things that exist now that won't be released for another 10, maybe 20 years! I believe they have cures for most fatal illnesses, but "hid" them to make an excuse for "medical research" and to make money from alternative drugs....

They already KNOW what mobile phones will be like in 10 years and some of them already exist, I'm sure. I believe that people (=consumers) are just told things and read things and they just make do with that, don't we.... We are just guinea pigs for the producers of the so many products and services....

Most people just take what they get and don't even think about it... You watch the news, listen to what they tell you and it registers in your brain and you do something with it....

News is just another way to influence people, a slightly different way of stressing something could completely change the meaning and I think that is some of the reasons why people in different countries have different views on things....ending sadly enough in wars and fights

Ok, sorry to bore you all with this, but hope some of you will find it interesting and are willing to share your views with the rest of us

Take care!

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