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Author T610 - Sync using BlueTooth?
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Posted: 2003-12-17 18:01
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An update to the problem I described above to help anyone trying to use a Trust BT120 bluetooth adapter to send images to their T68i.

In the end I solved the problem, simply by disregarding the settings in the SonyEriccson phone monitor and image editor software and using the Trust proprietary software (which had worked fine to establish a modem connection). I then activated the Object Push service in the Trust software which is supposed to be used for sending virtual business cards in Vcard format (*.vcf). Then I renamed one of the pictures in my phone with a *.vcf suffix and sent it by Bluetooth. The connection was then successfully established. I then said Yes to the message on the computer to always accept objects from this device (the phone) (or similar) and have never had problems since. Can now send all pictures with no problem (and no need to give them the suffix of course...that'd be a pain...Whether it was necessary at all for the first one is an open question but it was the only thing that seemed to work for me....previously the connection had always failed even using ObjectPush).

Hope this helps anyone encountering the same problems with the Trust adapter as the support from the Trust people was worse then useless. They didn't even seem to know whether their product supported image transfer or not!!!
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Posted: 2004-01-21 08:22
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I have BT120 and a SE P900. I cant use serial port, because I allways get error messages on my XP. It want to set my port to the COM0. In the properties I set it to COM3 or COM4.

Anybody tried this?

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Posted: 2004-02-16 00:36
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I can see my T68i in the bluetooth neigbourhood, and files transfers work, but the soft offers me to choose ports 4 or 5 for serial, the virtual bluetooth ports are 5, 6 and 7, and phone manager sees only ports 3 and 4!!!

I'm lost


Help please!!
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Posted: 2004-02-16 01:53
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Hate to be cocky but...with Apple Macs it's one sync and your synced
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Posted: 2004-03-11 23:09
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Be as cocky as you like about Apple, I am - click pair device (let them make friends) - open iSync - click sync - done )

AND with a little program called Salling Clicker you can customise your phone to be a remote control for your iTunes DVD Player etc!

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Posted: 2004-12-18 01:21
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Hi guys,

I was using my sony ericsson T610 as a bluetooth modem and activated the t-zones in my T610. It worked well for for a week. But i downloaded some files and the next day it started giving problems.

The bluetooth connection is getting established and i could manage and transfer files from my comp to t610 , but i could not browse the internet using the dialup service (that using #99***#)eventhough the the connection is established. But i could browse t-zones in my mobile without any problem.

please help me out guys.

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