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Author I am thinking of swapping my X10 for a Desire HD. Pros and cons please
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Posted: 2011-01-26 23:44
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Is the App 3G Watchdog?
I had it on my Ex-Wildfire and now it's on my X10i

Toney, have you bought your DHD outright or have you signed a death sentence for it for 24mths?
reason I ask is well speaking to my other half these new HTC are due out later this year with much
better parts capable of more so to speak

the DHD is just a little upped desire with Bigger appeal and a few more widgets!
I wouldn't swap my X10i for it nor a iPhone 4 ..

it's better to wait for the Bigger boys on the course of months and defo come 2012

BTW Nice Pics the wildfire took some nice shots
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Posted: 2011-01-27 02:34
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I only ever get sim free handsets, on an excellent company tariff so I just get new phones.

Theres many reasons the DHD appealed to me over the X10. I fly around Europe a lot so Locations is a BIG deal, maps already downloaded onto the phone, points you in the direction your facing and leads the way its bloody brilliant! No high price network data charges or anything as you get on every other phone, you don't need a network connection with Locations.

Also the latest Android version with full support for coming versions and HTC has by far the best reputation of supporting their handsets.

Having apps such as Google Chrome to Phone which only work on new Android version and other apps makes a difference. Full flash support too, instead of having to use a pc I can just use my phone anywhere I am. The user interface Sense does make a lot more sense also, I love it, much quicker than UIX on se and booting up the phone is instant with HTC's fast boot. Theres loads of features that are good.

If I didn't think the DHD was well worth going for I wouldn't have gone for it or keep it.

I've always been a very big phone camera user, the quality of camera has always been the deciding point, I've had all the se cybershots, K800, K810, C905, Satio, Xperia and X10 all them ones if I thought the camera was crap on the DHD I certainly wouldn't be keeping it but it is a good camera and takes quality sharp photos. I've got plenty of excellent quality photos but most are personal photos so I'm not going to start uploading them on here.

This is watchdog that app that was recommended to me on xda, I wanted to find out exactly what was running in the background and having it set on Extreme monitoring in real time shows exactly what was running but turns out nothing was misbehaving so I uninstalled it after 2 weeks using it.[....]er-lite/com.zomut.watchdoglite

There are other similar apps on xda also.
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Posted: 2011-02-03 20:06
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Ahh yer lucky it's nice to get them howver with Vodafone they like to still put there mark on there devices,
it's nice to get a completely clean phone though but when you do you find you cannot get Vodafone Account apps to work and you have to keep viewing online Billing.

I do hope VF do create a Android app though I don't know why they have
dissed it out and just did it for the Apple Phones!

Saw yer Pics with the HDD very nice

I think im missing the Optical Button in a away,
but im not moaning really

The thing with is they do something and then move onto the next thing leaving thta old thing out in the dark,
hence X10i to the Arc.. Impretty sure though people are gunna moan about this new Gingerbread on that Arc next and SE may actually release 2.2.1 for the X10i

but if they don't well it's not a big thing,
I never used the X10i with 1.6 so many bad comments with that funny but people are never really satisfied really
An "Apple" a day keeps the Doctor at Bay!
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