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Quick Question : how do you Pronounce Esato?

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Posted by Chazzer3
Hi Guys,

I've been here for a long time now, and was just thinking, how do you guys pronounce Esato.

I pronounce it, Esato (Esayto)

But some people pronounce it, Esato (Esato).

How do you?

Charlie -


Listen: "esato" by Laffen.

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Posted by marran
i say esato

Posted by haynesycop
same as marran

s then at then o

Posted by batesie

Posted by mutleyboy
same as miss c

Posted by brix25
My American friend insists on the Japanese pronunciation and I just say Eh...sa...toe:-)

Posted by RicK700i
Ee-sa-toe sounds right 2me

Posted by max99
yea i;ve been wanderingb this before,

i always thought of it as es sat toe lol

Posted by fatreg
same as batesie



Posted by Oco

On 2005-06-08 22:13:32, miss copperfield wrote:
same as marran

s then at then o

Thats how it should be pronunced in spanish...
Try www.research.att.com/projects/tts/demo.html

Posted by paulbang
I think the t in esato is silent, like p in psalms :-)

Posted by EastCoastStar
eh - sah - toe thats just me lol

Posted by CybaCowboy
Es-are-toe is how I have always pronounced it...What's the head (Esato) guy's name again (Laffen)?Can't he confirm the way Esato is pronounced?

Posted by obsixx
Eh-zay-doh... but I have a history of mispronouncing things.

Posted by Pradhika
This way : ea = A, sa = sa, to = to. The last letter of to has to sound O . This message was posted from a T610

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Posted by GOwin
i say so-ni-e-rik-suhn fo-ruhm. i spell it as e-s-a-t-o.

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Posted by harvey172
na na, really?

Posted by mrao
Like chazzer,
I pronounce it as Esayto

Posted by EastCoastStar
i wonder if there is a real way. because we know it is backwards and otase we have a thread on that somewhere (only touck/trust (i forgot) a sony ericsson)
so idk if there is a real way to pronounce it... but maybe

Posted by GOwin
Maybe laffen should publish the "real" way. He invented the word anyway.

Posted by whizkidd
I pronounce it as Esato..

Posted by govigov
Come on guys, it is a proper noun, you can pronounce it the way you like it! Btw i say is as eehh-sah-tto

Posted by tranquil
Laffen says it the same way as I do: Esato.
The name Esato has no right or wrong way to be pronounced. It's "universal" so to speak and can be pronounced the way you want to and still means nothing.
It was an avalable five letter .com domain and sounded/sounds easy to say in most languages.

Over the years members have come up with different meanings of the word and Laffen accepted Only Take A Sony Ericsson (Big letters in reverse order) as the meaning oficial of the name.
We've been through all this several times before, the meaning of Esato that is, but never how each of us pronounce it. Cool!

May I twist the question a wee bit and ask; Does anybody know a language where "esato" is a word in every day speach, and ,if so, what does it mean?
(I know it's a Japanese sirname but apart from that.)

The ultimate ring tone

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Posted by ThreeX
Just a question: How in the name of the lord do some of you manage to find the letter 'r' in Esato???

Posted by amd1129
I pronounce it as esato

Posted by whizkidd
Yeah. I've heard people pronouncing "india" as indiar...especially some australian cricket commentators...what kinda accent is that?

Posted by GOwin

On 2005-06-09 07:47:35, tranquil wrote:

(I know it's a Japanese sirname but apart from that.)

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Here's how it would look like in Japanese Katakana:

The first character is for "e", the second is "sa", then it's "to"

(You won't see it if you don't have Kanji fonts installed in your computer.

Sato is a fairly common Japanese lastname. I don't think Esato is common.)

Posted by whizkidd
I have a friend by the name "sato". He's a christian from kerala in south india. I think its a fairly common name among christians there...

Posted by Davo_169
i for some reason say
the sato... :S

Posted by ThreeX

On 2005-06-09 08:48:00, whizkidd wrote:
Yeah. I've heard people pronouncing "india" as indiar...especially some australian cricket commentators...what kinda accent is that?

Its funny with accents really!
I mean, the irish (well a lot of them anyway) dont use 'th' as in thought, they say " i tought so" instead
However, insterting a 'R' in Esato still eludes me

Posted by JK
Backwards its 'OTASE' like a sexy jewish girls name...

Posted by ofiaich

" Here's how it would look like in Japanese Katakana: GTg "

and this is how it looks in Kanji - ]@

The first character means 'creek, inlet and bay' and the second on means - village, one's parents house and also a unit of measurement called a 'ri' or a 'league'

Maybe Laffen was in a village by the sea, a few leagues from his parents house, when he thought of it!


Posted by PeterKay

Posted by methylated_spirit
I say Esatizzle

As for the "R" quandry, well, think about it. Posh people dont say "europe" they say "yerp" and stuff like that. Anyway, what does it matter? You say potato, i say POOOOOTAAAAATOOOOO!!!!!!

Hello, Scroto!

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Posted by vanquish
I never pronounce it to anyone, tis a bit of an embarrasment

Posted by Davo_169
i say

Posted by ThreeX
Sounds like me after a huge pizza and x-large coke..

Posted by tranquil

Posted by GOwin
Universal or not, I'd like to hear laffen say it. (Much like those recordings made by Linus on how to pronounce "linux".)

I think it would be a nice addition to Esato's Trivial Trivias.

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Posted by jenbones
WOW GOwin not seen you online for ages!!

i pronounce it e-SAT-O
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Posted by joebmc
I say it the E - SAT - 0

I suppose it all depends on your accent. For example down south (England) we say parce the parcel but up north its more like pass the pasel (if you know what I mean )

Posted by Chazzer3

this thread really took off! I didn't realise!

Anyway, its interesting how you all say Eh-Sah-Toe, I've never said that!

Charlie -

Posted by upper
i pronounce it as e, sa, toe

Posted by vergon

Posted by jenbones
it's like e-saddo LOL

Posted by Glenny

On 2005-06-09 13:23:01, davo_169 wrote:
i say

really? i never say potatoe, i say random things like 'tatty' or 'spud'
like spaghetti bologneise, i say spag bol

and i pronounce esato eh(as in yeah)-sat-oh
the new yu-gi-oh, eh-sat-og, i apologise for my lame jokes

Posted by vanquish
Apology accepted

I say ESS-AH-TOE... obviously, how else can you say it unless your a posh Englishman? (esarto)

Posted by Qoastro
As marran said in the very second post:


But in one flowing word. Since Esato is, what I know, Swedish in the bottom of it's heart. And that would be the "swedish" of pronouncing it.

Correct me if I'm wrong about Esato being swedish...
I though Laffen where Swedish

Posted by GOwin
I believe Laffen is Norweigian.

"Esato" is international (it was a random bunch of letters that he thought was good enough for a dotcom name.)

Posted by vanquish
And then suddenly realised that ESATO backwards could mean Only Take A Sony Ericsson.


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