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O2 Germany settings

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Posted by benkay
Hi there,

I have all my O2 Germany settings (Contract customer) installed on my P900 via the automatic setting messages.

I have the GPRS WAP, MMS and GSM WAP settings all installed, with GPRS WAP set as my default internet connection.

I want to use the P900 as a bluetooth modem with my Apple Powerbook. I have entered the number as *99# as I was led to believe this dials the default connection.

I get the messages

1. Contacting PPP Server....
2. Establising connection...
3. Authenticating User...

at this point, there is a wait of around 30 seconds, then the message switches to idle, the bluetooth connection is ended and the message "The Connection was terminated because the other side is not responding".

During the whole process, apart from the bluetooth connection being shown, there is no indication that any GPRS connection is being established . i.e. no globe in status bar.

Could somebody talk me through some troubleshooting steps, this is driving me mad!!

Thanks in advance,

Ben Kay

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