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The Graphics Cards-thread.

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Posted by Universal Exports
If you're thinking of buying a new graphics card, a good place to start is at Tom's Hardware.
There you can find lot's of info about different cards.

I'm planning on spending a smaller fortune on a Leadtek GeForce 6800GT 256. Lot's of new games are coming up that require good cards (like HL2, or Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory).

All of us must have some kind of expirence with different cards, what is your expirence with your own card? Feel free to tell all of us...

Posted by Gigs
Always been an nVidia fan, though I won't be upgrading my graphics card until the Nforce 4 motherboards are out. (mmm pci-e sli )

Currently using the 8x GeForce 4 ti4200 from Albatron.

Not a bad card, works with most modern games and doesn't lag cept on some fo the more intense games like Farcry.

Having an Xp3200 and a Gig of ram helps too I guess

Most any highend card from either manufacturer is good though, not like you'll notice it being slow.

Posted by p900 lover
these thing are what allways confuse me, im goin to have a look at that web site and hope fully it will make things clearer 4 me, im not even sure what grafics card i have, ill have a look, all i know is that i piad a bomb on a sony pc last year, lol

Posted by rrojas260
I have a ATI 128mb radeon 9200 vivo, 8x and works fine with all games without lag

Posted by nickorooster
@ The guy above
What do you run them on, 800*600? . Try far-cry, doom 3 or Half-life 2. Good luck. Have to agree with your choice of brands tho. ATI all the way.

I was one of the lucky few that got a 9500 PRO (a slightly slower version of the 9700PRO) before ATI stopped producing them, as they cost too much to make . It's always been faithful, but these days there are some limits. Half-LIfe 2 will probably lag it up a bit, as doom 3 does on high detail settings.


Posted by Jim
I got an ATI 9700Pro and I can play with full graphics but sometimes it tends to lag with hardware sucking games, I might upgrade to a newer one

Posted by shyam335
@nickrooster did you try modding it to 9700 ? :-)

Posted by nickorooster
Hell yes. And it worked rather nicely. But got a bit hot . SO being the cheap-arse I am I reset it and everything is cool again. I love my mobo .

Actually, I have a question. I want to upgrade a component, but I'm not sure what my system's bottleneck is at the moment. Any advice? My PC is currently as follows:

Asus A7V8X-X
AMD XP2400+
512 DDR 2700 (333)
17" Generic CRT
80Gb Seagate Barracuda
CD-RW Drive
DVD Drive

So what should I upgrade? I was thinking another 512 meg stick of RAM (DDR 400 this time) or a processor upgrade? Ignore the crappy monitor 'cause that would be the most expensive to upgrade .

As a follow-up, where do you guys get your components? I was thinkng www.aria.co.uk, they sell OEM parts for cheap. Any experience with these guys? ANy better deals?


Posted by ThreeX
Right now: ATI 9800 Pro (P4 3,0 HT, 1Gb RAM)
but i think fan is going to die soon.. severe lags sometimes in NFS UG-2 Still under warranty so i will try to get latest tackle instead, even if it means spending some money in exchange.

Posted by Universal Exports
I don't think there's a reason to buy a pci card au the moment. The games don't use the new transfer rate (and probably wont do so for a while either). On top of that, buying a pci card would force me to buy a new motherboard as well.It took me 10 minutes to get my 9800 pro sold today, lol! ;-)

Posted by BlackBauer24
Greetings all @ Universal Exports, i did'nt originally buy my Laptop to play games but its got an unimpressive sounding 32mb NVIDIA Geforce fx 5100 go graphics card incorporated in it. its a Toshiba Satellite P10-304 with Pentium 4, 2.66GHz processor plus hyper threading technology, 512mb DDR ram, so i was chuffed to bits when i found out i could play Doom 3 albeit in down graded to 800x600 resolution but with every thing turned up high quality (with a couple of exceptions) now i'm playing in AMAZING!!! Half Life 2 still only in 800x600 res, as 16:10 widescreen mode wont even start up! its a bit stuttery at times but plays so much better than Doom 3 with the settings turned up to high, so to all you guys with the mega graphics cards your gaming experiences must be awesome. cya

Posted by Jim

On 2004-11-19 14:49:05, ThreeX wrote:
Right now: ATI 9800 Pro (P4 3,0 HT, 1Gb RAM)
severe lags sometimes in NFS UG-2

I have an 9700 (AMD 3000+, 1 Gb RAM ) and don't have any lags with graphics at full so there is a problem with the graphic card or the drivers

Posted by Universal Exports
They release new drivers all the time, therefor it's smart to make sure you've always got the latest...
I think you can find ATI drivers at www.ati.com


More precisely from www.ati.com/support/driver.html

(hl2 automatically told me that my drivers were out of date and sent me to the update )

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Posted by Spawney

On 2004-11-19 14:43:06, nickorooster wrote:
Hell yes. And it worked rather nicely. But got a bit hot . SO being the cheap-arse I am I reset it and everything is cool again. I love my mobo .

Actually, I have a question. I want to upgrade a component, but I'm not sure what my system's bottleneck is at the moment. Any advice? My PC is currently as follows:

Asus A7V8X-X
AMD XP2400+
512 DDR 2700 (333)
17" Generic CRT
80Gb Seagate Barracuda
CD-RW Drive
DVD Drive

So what should I upgrade? I was thinking another 512 meg stick of RAM (DDR 400 this time) or a processor upgrade? Ignore the crappy monitor 'cause that would be the most expensive to upgrade .

As a follow-up, where do you guys get your components? I was thinkng http://www.aria.co.uk, they sell OEM parts for cheap. Any experience with these guys? ANy better deals?


You should do the Ram, thats whats slowing you down. I have a 2400+ and have overclocked it to Xp 3200+ specs.

As for components. http://www.ebuyer.co.uk | http://www.dabs.com | http://www.overclockers.co.uk | an' good 'ole ebay|

How much would i give for an SLi enabled motherboard and 2 x Geforce 680 GT's

Dream RIg:

AMD Athlon FX55 ( £580 )
2 x 74GB 10,000RPM SATA 8MB Cache GDD (£232)
Gigabyte K8NXP-9 nForce4 Ultra PCI-E (£150)
Watercooling RIg
Leadtek GeForce 6800 GT 256MB DDR3 TV-Out/Dual DVI (PCI-Express) (£710)
OCZ 1GB (2x512MB) PC4400 Dual Channel Gold Series Limited Edition EL-DDR CAS3.0 (£264)
Tagan TG420-UO2 420W I-XEYE PSU (£65)

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Posted by k_weckx
this is my computer, bought it six months ago... works fine with all games i played...

Dimension 8300 Standard Features: Intel® 875 P chipset
Uitgerust met Microsoft® Windows® XP operating system
Intel® Pentium® 4 processors met 800MHz system bus
Geïntegreerd Intel 10/100 Pro Netwerk kaart
Dual Channel 400MHz DDR geheugen
Midnight grey mini-tower: 8 USB 2.0 ports, 4 PCI slots , AGP 8x slot
Dimension Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP Home (NL)
Services: 1 jaar European Collect and Return (-EUR - 180,29 EUR)
Dimension Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor HT Technologie 3.0GHz/ 800MHz FSB & 1MB cache
Dimension Geheugen: 512MB Dual Channel DDR [2x256MB]
Dimension Harde Schijven: 120GB Serial ATA [7200rpm met 8MB DataBurstTM cache]
Floppy disk drive / USB Memory Key: 3.5" 1.44MB floppy drive (+ EUR 30,25 EUR)
Dimension Grafische Kaart: 128MB ATI Radeon 9800 Pro DVI, TV-Out via S-Video & Dual monitor support
Dimension Monitor: Dell 172FPB 17" Entry FlatPanel (no DVI) Dell Recommended (+ EUR 121,00 EUR)
Dimension Optical drives: 8x DVD+R/RW (DVD Rewriter) & 16x DVD-ROM
Dimension Speakers: Dell ADA 425 Stereo Speakers (2 Speakers + 1 subwoofer)
Dimension Geluidskaart: Geïntegreerde geluidskaart
Dell Picture studio: Paint Shop Pro 7.06 (trial version) & Image Expert (trial version)
Dimension Modem: Geen
Dimension Keyboards: Slimline BE PS/2 Keyboard (Azerty België)
Dimension Muis: Dell Optical Wheel USB muis (+ EUR 12,10 EUR)
Systeemdocumentatie: Engelstalige systeemdocumentatie
Dimension Software: Microsoft® Works 7.0

Posted by nickorooster
RAM eh? Well ill give it a go. What kind of cooling do you have on that HUGE overclock? So you suggest another 512 of DDR 3000 (400) RAM? Ill check out those sites as soon as im on a non-mobile device. Thanks very much!!


Posted by Universal Exports
Do anyone of you guys know if there is about to be a price drop on the Leadtek 6800 GT?
Apperantly the place I'm gonna buy it from has a very cheap price (but none in stock) and a seller in another store speculated that they may have gotten info about a big price drop of these cards.
Does anyone know anything?

Posted by shyam335
Newer 6800s are based on nv41 which is cheaper than nv40 , so its cheaper :-)

Posted by Universal Exports
Ahh, so that's why!
Same prestanda I hope?

Posted by shyam335
Btw You buying agp or pci ?

Posted by Universal Exports
I haven't seen a 6800 pci around and my motherboard dosen't support them anyway so it's AGP...

Posted by shyam335
Im not sure but i doubt nv41 is pci e only , agp price drop might be phenomenal (not too sure , will confirm later ) .

Posted by Clearday

Well this s my notebook and desktop...
I always choose ati cards.For me it has more powerful,more innovative models.Nvidia s just watching Ati gpus.

In notebook I use ati mobility radeon 9700 128
In desktop I use ati xt x800 16 pipeline...

some photos are below for notebook;

Posted by Universal Exports
A X800!? A pretty impressive card, in the same class as GeForce's 6800GT and Ultra. In some games ATI is better, in others Nvidia

Posted by shyam335
Im also slightly inclined towards ati , but i cant tell nVIDIA is bad. Cant wait to see "fudo" aka r520 with multi gpu and sm 3 (and obviously they Shift to 32bit fpp) . I hope nVIDIA will have something for competition then.

Posted by Universal Exports
What's that? Do you have a link to a spec page or something?

Posted by shyam335
Nope, its due in q1 or q2 2005 ,ati hasnt officially anything , only rumours currently . Ati's r500 will be powering xbox 2.

Posted by nickorooster
I can confirm that I heard about the Xbox 2 thing.

I am deciding whether to get a 17" genertic TFT (75hz, 1280*1024, 16ms etc) or an Nvidia 6800... But I'd have to get a new motherboard and PSU etc to get the 6800, so I think I'll get the monitor. The one I'm using now is huge, but only 16" viewable area.


Posted by Gigs
Erm Nick, you could run a 6800 on your motherboard, At least I'm presuming it has 4x AGP support.

Posted by nickorooster
Yeah I know, (I have AGP 8x), but I'd want to use it to it's best ability. As in, I'd not want to waste any of the 6800's capabilities. Buying an AGP model would just be silly, seeing as PCI-E is the new standard.
Besides, I've wanted a better monitor for a LONG time now!!!


Posted by p900 lover
just found the specs for my pc on the internet,
what di u guys think of it? any good? got it abput 1 year ego.

Microprocessor Full NameIntel® Pentium® 4 processor 3 GHz with

Hyper-Threading Technology (800 MHz FSB)Microprocessor Type

Pentium 4 HTL2 Cache (KB)512 Frontside Bus (MHz) 800

Memory Type DDR SDRAMMemory Speed (MHz)400Memory Size (MB)512

Floppy Disk Drive YES
Hard Drive Capacity
(GB)120Hard Drive Speed (rpm)7200Speed
CD-R Write24Speed
CD-ROM Read 32 Speed
CD-RW Read32Speed C
D-RW Write10Speed DVD+R Write4Speed
DVD+RW Write2.4Speed
DVD-R Write4Speed
DVD-ROM Read8Speed

Graphic Card Full NameNVIDIA® GeForce™ FX 5200 (VRAM 128 MB)ModelGeForce FX5200ProducerNVIDIARAM (MB)128
External SpeakersYESOutput Speakers 2x (W)3Speaker Depth (mm)158Speaker Height (mm)258Speaker Width (mm)98
Front Interfaces
4 Pin i.LINK™ (IEEE1394)1PCMCIA Slot1USB Port (quantity)3USB Port Type2Flash reader for MemoryStick, Smart Media, Micro Drive, Compact flash1
Rear Interfaces
6 Pin i.LINK™ (IEEE1394), 400 Mbps1Antenna in1DVI out1Headphone Jack1Line in1Microphone Jack1Parallel Port1PCI Card Slot1PS/2® Keyboard Connector1PS/2® Mouse Connector1RJ-11 Direct Port1RJ-45 Direct Port1S-Video out1USB Port Type2USB Port (quantity)4VGA out1Video/Audio in1DC out for Speakers1Optical out1SPDIF Port1
Function Keys12Programmable Power Keys6Standby ButtonYES
Built-in ModemV.90
Ethernet 10 BASE-T/100 BASE-TXYES
GigaPocket TV Tuner BoardYES
Height Main Unit (mm)380Width Main Unit (mm)195Depth Main Unit (mm)391Weight (kg)13
Pre-installed Sony Software
Click to DVD1.2DVgate2.60GigaPocket5.5PictureGear Studio1.0Sonic Stage1.6Vaio Media2.5
Pre-installed Third Party Software
Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®5.1Adobe® Photoshop® Elements2.0Adobe® Premiere®6.0 LEMicrosoft® Works7.0Power DVD4.0Quicktime™6.1RealOne® Player6.0
Supplied Accessories
Power Cord1PS/2® Keyboard1External Speaker Set1PS/2® Optical Wheel Mouse1Remote Control1
Guarantee (Months)12

i just coped these from the internet,

so it says i have a NVIDIA® GeForce™ FX 5200
is this card any good???


Posted by shyam335
P900lover , your micro processor core is based on northwood . Not to disappoint you , but the fact is that fx5200 is the worst dx 9 performance,but anyways its better than integrated graphics :-)

Posted by nickorooster
Yeah, I was going to point out the graphics card and even say it was better than integrated! Wow... Great minds think alike i guess .

However, I know next to nothing about intel's processing cores, is Northwood the older or the newer one?

Edit: DOn't get me wrong though, I'd love your PC. WIth my graphics card . And some more RAM.

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Posted by shyam335

On 2004-11-23 08:58:34, nickorooster wrote:
Yeah, I was going to point out the graphics card and even say it was better than integrated! Wow... Great minds think alike i guess .

may be , actually northwood is the older core,it doesnt have large cache like prescott (only 512kb ,presscot 1mb),no sse3 etc etc .

hey guys did u all hear, ati is gonna release x850 graphic cards this december

Posted by nickorooster
I knew they couldn't stay behind the 6800 Ultra for long. ATI is too good for that. Now it's just price that'll win me over.

Posted by shyam335
Ati claims itll beat nVIDIAs 6800ultra by 20% in 3dmark05 and huge performance increase (upto 50%) in other titles . Wait a minute,these are ati claims ,but i expect a good performance increase through out

Posted by nickorooster
Well, I reckon 3DMark 05 is a good testing medium, although some manufacturers (not mentioning any names) develop some drivers (again, no names) that produce a false increase in 3Dmark Scores. Like nVidia. Damnit I wasn't supposed to give names.

But seriously folks, Post your 3Dmark scores here too.
If you don't know what 3DMark is, you can get the trial from fututremark.

On mine 3Dmark 05 only runs the first game test, and thus cannot give a result. So I'll post my 03 results here soon...

Oh and if your card is not Direct X 9 compatible, you son't get accurate scores from 3Dmark 03 either. So go get 3Dmark 01 SE.


Posted by Universal Exports
Use 03 since most computers can run that, as you pointed out, you'd have to have a good PC to run 05.
I heard that some people had been able to get 10000+ points on 05
They had used the new SLI motherboard with support for dual PCI-express cards, then they had loaded it with two 6800ultra, and overclocked it!!!

Posted by omnislash
What could be the best benchmarking software ....sisoft or something else...... :se: K700i

Posted by Gigs
Gee Nick, it'd be a shame to (not mentioning names) state how the manufacturer of the radeon (again no names) actually cheated before nvidia in driver tests sent to the big testing sites so that when others benchmarked ati (oh damn my eyes!) the scores on some games were completely rigged in their favour.

Lets face it both the big guys cheat, its just like politics to them. Realworld gaming is a little different to most test scenarios though. Test machines are great but in no way encompass the fact that gamers run multiple drives, usually don't have 2 sticks of high end corsair handy (well I used to but hey I worked for the importer then ;D - best ram EVER btw) and are hardly always using the latest mobo and top end graphics combo.

Personally if buying a new card i'd look at the games played and research which gets better on which card for the conditions that they're played in. (IE i play most of mine 1280+ full detail, 32 bit, some with AA, some without, online games I run 1600 x 1200) Ati will cream nVidia in some games while the opposite is always true. For everything else, as long as the monitor gets a display, all should be fine. ;D

Posted by Universal Exports
Yeah, maybe if you close your eyes for very long imes and have them open short
How can you run online games in that res? It's veery much, espicially for an online game...

Posted by Merovingian
My specs, very satisfied with them:

AMD AthlonXP 2400+ (2,GhZ)
512mb Corsair RAM
120 GB Barracuda HDD
Sapphire 9600 PRO GPU
nVidia nForce 2 NFS-7 motherboard...

working like a charm with doom 3 and HL2

Posted by nickorooster
Quite similar to my machine actually... Only I have a better GPU, but your RAM and Motherboard are much better than mine . Aw well.

And hey, I know both of them cheat, I was simply using the example to do with vVidia's drivers for the 3DMark 03 benchmark . Besides, I'll probably be getting a 6800 next anyways, unless ATI drop their price too.

On a side note (sort of) you can get SPMark, a sort of "3DMark" for smartphones. It worked on my p800, and I got a score of 642. Give it a try, you can get it from www.futuremark.com (go to downloads at the top right )


Posted by ADT0079
Is The G Force FX 5700 Le 8x Card any good for the price 200 u.s. Dollars???

Posted by Gigs

I have good eyesight. I run my desktop at 1600 x 1200 small font without a hassle. Only times I increase font sizes is on some webpages that insist on writing in 2 pt font because they think we're all still looking at the web on an 800 x 600 screen.

Best benchmarking software imo comes down to which videocard you use, I still rate mine with 3dmark2001 (I think) since that was the standard at that time. Anything 10K+ is rocking for score. Mind you i'm benchmarking with a Geforce 4 Ti4200, nothing spectacular.

Myself i'm waiting on nForce4 before upgrading surrent system is:

Gigabyte 7n400 2.0 (nForce2 board)
2 * Kingston ddr 333/400 (I forget which lol, I think its 333, hell could be 400 for all I remember, its certainly running at 200. )
Albatron 8x GeForce ti4280 128 meg (Not bad, had a chaintec 4x card in there previous, the chaintec seemed more stable to OC)
AMD Xp2500 running at 3200. (Happy with that ;D)
Volcano 11 cooler
Some HDDs, all seagate, 1 x 40, 2 x 80, 1 x 120, 4 x 200 (1 sata)
Hercules Game Theatre XP (bar none the best sound package I have ever used)
Samsung 52 spd CD-RW
Gateway 19" VX900 Monitor
Thermaltake 420watt PSU (v nice, more connectors than I needed for once! Unlike most every psu :/)
Lian Li case to package it all up nicely,

For gaming she's a pretty solid rig, most things I have no issues with. Farcry at 1024 with alot of medium high details made me weep like a schoolboy hit by a teachers blackboard duster. Else everything else is great. Only thing i'm not getting is some of the niftier particle effects in games. :/ (Just started playing Nexus, formerly known as Imperium Galactic 3, stunning )

Pretty happy with the system atm, would love a 6800 but figure i'll upgrade later to a new chip as well so planning to hold off and spend the money in the meantime.

Posted by nickorooster
Wow. I was considering UPgrading to a system like yours, but It'd cost too much for the performance benefits.

Has anyone SPMarked your phone yet?

Posted by Gigs
Not yet, if only we could OC the p910i
(Lil copper cooler and fan coming out the side, a ramsink.. )

Posted by Universal Exports
Gonna order my graphics card today! Hope I'll get it on monday..

Posted by Universal Exports
I have now ordered the card! A had to phone them to ask why I couldn't ordered it from the web... He said it was strange since they obviously had them in stock and took the order for it over the phone
Can't wait til next week!

Posted by Universal Exports
Since I'm selling the 9800-pro I have to get everythinbg that came with it back into the box. Does anybody know what cables would come with a card like that (it's Club 3d btw). WHat kind of cables are connected to the computer?

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